Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Fuecoco Is Apparently The "Most Broken Starter In Nuzlocke History"

The jury is still out on who is the best starter for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, unless you're playing a Nuzlocke run. In that case, the self-proclaimed "best Nuzlocker in the world" has rendered his verdict: Fuecoco is the only way to go.

PokemonChallenges on Twitter is a content creator that specializes in Pokemon challenge runs. Usually Nuzlocke runs, which follow a special set of rules: a Pokemon that faints is "dead" and must be released, and you must use the first Pokemon you capture in every area. There are some more rules, but that's the gist. And according to PokemonChallenges, if you want an easy time of Scarlet & Violet under those rules, your starter should be Fuecoco.

"Fuecoco is already easily the most broken starter in Nuzlocke history," explained PokemonChallenges on Twitter (via GamesRadar). "Solo sweeps five gyms, an e4 member and the champion. No other starter in any game comes close. I recommend banning it for a more interesting run."

PokemonChallenges didn't explain which five gyms and Elite Four member, but we can pretty easily guess. Fuecoco will have the advantage over Katy's Bug-types and Brassius's Grass-types, although it'll have to be careful of Sudowoodo's Rock Throw. By the time you reach Alfornada, Skeledirge will have an advantage over Tulip's Psychic-types and Grusha's Ice-types, and it can probably just outrun Medali's slow Normal-types and take a few hits from Staraptor.

Poppy easily falls to Skeledirge in the Elite Four fight, and the only problem you'll fave from Geeta is her Glimmora. That's most of the game right there. I can see why PokemonChallenges would recommend banning Fuecoco on all future Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke runs.

While Scarlet & Violet isn't considered the best in the series, PokemonChallenges said it was a "Nuzlocker's dream." That's because it has "genuinely difficult" boss fights and all unnecessary combat such as random trailers and wild Pokemon has been made completely optional. It's an interesting intellectual challenge for Nuzlockers that's only marred by Fuecoco's incredible power.

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