Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 7 Best Electric-Types

If your interests tend toward the Electric-type, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has a healthy number of representatives. New zappers and old standbys combine in the Paldean Pokedex, and the addition of Tera Types means the sky's the limit if you get lucky enough.

We're focusing on the critters who are Electric by default, since that's what most readers will be interested in. As for our criteria, it's a one-two punch of competitive viability (which translates into exceptional performance in the main game) and overall coolness. Or cuteness. Or whatever you want to call it — the kinds of Electric-type Pokemon who really brighten up a room, if you will.

7/7 Ampharos

Ampharos has been around the block once or twice. Debuting all the way back in Pokemon Gold & Silver, this orb-tailed friend has consistently aced the single-player side of the series, and frequently done rather all right for itself even competitively.

It's the most common mixture among Electric-types, but Ampharos' high Special Attack (a frequent staple among its peers) plus decent bulk (less so) give it the capability to sweep at least a couple of foes before going down. Just don't expect much swiftness; 55 Base Speed is rough. It's simply made up for elsewhere in its stat pool.

6/7 Rotom

Is it just us, or has Rotom enjoyed quite the upward trend since its introduction in the days of Diamond & Pearl? Often ridiculed in its early days, it's slowly melted our hearts, to the point that its character is now tied into core gameplay aspects, like Pokedexes. It doesn't hurt that Rotom is pretty good at most of what it does. And when you consider that it has forms for different types, you're looking at something with a ton of versatility.

Electric is always Rotom's dominant side, and surely it's dominant enough to crack our list. Frost Rotom can unleash Electric attacks, natch, though its power as a prospective Ice-type dragon slayer comes to rise. Heat Rotom and Mow Rotom bring the Fire and Grass to your team if needed, though we're a bit less keen on Wash Rotom's capabilities.

5/7 Toxtricity

Making noise in the meta back in Sword & Shield, we've got Toxtricity, whose separate Low Key and Amped versions bring slightly different kinds of fun to the table, though you'll want the Punk Rock ability from either in order to maximize the sound-based moves at its disposal.

As an Electric/Poison Pokemon, Toxtricity enjoys few weaknesses. A 4x weakness to Ground stings, but the only other thing it's got to worry about is 2x to Psychic. Meanwhile, it's resistant to a whopping eight, including common threats like Fighting and Fairy.

4/7 Bellibolt

Oh, hey! Our first Paldean native, and certainly not our last. Bellibolt evolves from Tadbulb. The fellow's so tiny, even in a game with an oddly high number of minuscule Pokemon, that it can be hard to spot it. Thankfully it's prolific enough to be present in roughly half of Paldea, plus, something this small is liable to smack you (or vice versa) prompting an unexpected encounter.

Evolving Tadbulb into Bellbolt is as easy as grabbing the only standby Thunder Stone, which is more commonplace in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet than early generations. You can snag it by completing milestones on your Pokedex as well. What makes Bellibolt work so well, besides his hefty, lovable appearance, is Ampharos-like bulk with the bonus of sporting a Scarlet & Violet rep.

3/7 Sandy Shocks

All three of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's best Electric-types are special in their own right. Sandy Shocks, the Scarlet-exclusive prehistoric spiff on Magneton, has the incredible Electric/Ground type combination and a head-turning 121 Special Attack to fully charge moves with STAB ('Same Type Attack Bonus') like Earth Power and Thunderbolt.

With the Protosynthesis ability, Sandy Shocks' Special Attack stat is boosted a further 30 percent when Sunny Day weather condition is in effect. And yes, Sandy Shocks can, indeed, learn Sunny Day.

2/7 Iron Thorns

What's niftier than Electric/Ground? Well, it depends who you ask. But since we're the ones typing this up, our answer is Electric/Rock. That's Iron Thorns for you, Tyranitar's iron-plated cousin with 134 Attack and ample HP and Defense to suit. Scarlet's past-based Pokemon, and Violet's future-based 'Iron' line, all have 570 Base Stats, some of the highest there is, and Iron Thorns' distribution doubles down on raw strength.

The Quark Drive ability functions like other Protosynthesis, except the requirement is Electric Terrain. Also like Protosynthesis, the boost is based on the Pokemon's highest stat, which is undoubtedly going to be Attack. So, take that 134 and amplify it another 30 percent. You've got a monster.

1/7 Miraidon

Miraidon is Pokemon Violet's mascot, as well as your lovable mount throughout the game as you explore Paldea for all it's worth. There's a very good narrative reason why you don't get to use Miraidon in battle until the postgame, and it's there for an even better reason — players would break the game with this metallic powerhouse pal otherwise.

Forget those 570s. Miraidon belongs to a posh club of Pokemon with 670. This Electric/Dragon might not be the very first with its typing, but Miraidon is surely up there with fifth-gen rival Zekrom for the title of best of them all. With Special Attack and Speed both at 135, and really, no rough stats sans Attack, it's capable of taking hits almost as well as it can dish them out.

Get this: Hadron Engine grants Miraidon that now-familiar 30 percent boost to its best stat (specifically set to Special Attack by the game in this case, since it's a tie), but you gain the Electric Terrain necessary for its effects simply by switching Miraidon in during battle. You've set your foes up for the fall, just by calling forth your closest friend.

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