Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ends An Infamous Fan Grudge From Diamond & Pearl

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet may be a little rough around the edges right now, but that hasn't stopped millions from exploring the Paldea region with gusto. There's plenty of little secrets to uncover too, including one that has brought about an end to a 16 year old grudge that began all the way back in Diamond & Pearl. Yes, that's how traumatizing it was to a generation of Pokemon fans.

Throughout your time in Paldea, you may have come across a Trainer willing to trade you a Haunter if you give her a Pincurchin (thanks GamesRadar). Since Haunter is exactly one million times better than Pincurchin in every way, you'd be a fool not to take her up on the offer, especially since the Haunter then evolves into Gengar giving you a pretty powerful team member. A rather mundane encounter for younger Pokemon fans, but an event that has healed over 16 years worth of hurt for Diamond & Pearl owners.

For context, if you were a bit of a recluse like I was back when Pokemon Diamond & Pearl came out, this means you'll have had a pretty rough time trying to complete the Pokedex with nobody to trade with. Luckily, there are several NPC's across Sinnoh that trade with you to give you access to different Pokemon, but those who did get Pokemon this way probably won't need reminding of a certain trainer called Mindy who you encounter in Snowpoint City.

Imagine this. One of your favorite Pokemon is Gengar and you have a seemingly innocent NPC trainer called Mindy willing to trade you a Haunter if you give her a Medicham. For those who don't know, Haunter will only evolve into Gengar if traded, meaning it's pretty much inaccessible to those with no other Pokemon lovers to call friend. You trade your Medicham for Mindy's Haunter, eagerly awaiting your new Gengar, only to find that it doesn't evolve. Turns out cruel and vicious Mindy had given her Haunter an Everstone before trading it, an item that prevents evolution.

To really rub it in, Mindy even says "Haha! Did my Haunter turn into something else? Just kidding!," cementing her as one of the worst villains across the franchise. She's so despised that there's even a whole subreddit dedicated to her tomfoolery, aptly titled r/FuckMindy. As you might expect, this subreddit was flooded with memes and jubilation that Mindy's reign of terror has finally come to an end.

Thankfully, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet doesn't do players dirty and gives the player a Gengar as expected. Hopefully this cruel act will never happen again, but at least we've learnt a valuable lesson. If anyone offers you a Machoke, Graveller, Kadabra, or any other Pokemon that evolves when traded, don't you dare trust them.

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