Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Discover Move That Can Deal 1 Billion Damage

Once a player has progressed pretty far in Scarlet & Violet, as is the case in every other main series Pokemon game, they should have a team that can pack a punch. However, odds are you've never packed a punch so hard that it would do well over one billion damage.

Believe it or not, there's a very specific set of circumstances that leads to a single move in Scarlet & Violet dealing more than one billion damage, as reported by GamesRadar. Explained by Mx_Toniy, who has a seemingly endless well of fascinating Pokemon facts at their disposal, the move in question is Last Respects. A new ghost-type move added to the series via Scarlet & Violet.

Every time one of your Pokemon faints, Last Respects' base power of 50 has an additional 50 added to it. That means the move inflicts 300damage by the time all your other Pokemon have fainted. What Mx_Toniy has discovered is that effect can be stacked 100 times. So if Pokemon are continually revived only to faint again, Last Respects can actually deal 5050 damage. Already one of the most powerful moves in the games at that point, the maths doesn't stop there.

If the Pokemon performing the move is a level 100 Slaking, its opponent is a level one Happiny, the move achieves a fully stacked critical hit at max damage, and is buffed by Helping Hand, Mx_Toniy claims it will inflict 1.15 billion damage. But wait, there's more. YouTuber Fildrong believes if Sudowoodo were to do the same as above but use Last Respects through its Mimic ability, then the move might actually deal 1.8 billion damage.

To make the new record-breaking move even more unbeatable, it has since been suggested if Baxcalibur were to use Glaive Rush right before, Last Respects' potential damage dealt would be doubled. Yes, that does potentially mean there's a very specific set of circumstances in which a single Pokemon move could deal 3.6 billion damage. Not a scenario anyone will ever stumble upon as they traverse Paldea day-to-day, but wild to think anyone has figured out those sorts of numbers are achievable.

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