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Pokemon Unite offers a choice of three maps when playing Quick Matches, which rotate daily. One of these is Mer Stadium, a map that provides you with a quick, action-packed experience. This is good for when you don't have too much time, and can't dive into a fully fledged, longer-lasting ranked match.

Resembling a smaller version of the main Remoat Stadium, this map possesses many of the same features. That being said, it is important to know how these features function on Mer Stadium specifically, as playing matches within this arena doesn't necessarily make for the same strategies or instinctive feeling.

Pokemon Unite: Mer Stadium Layout And Features

Player Count And Match Duration

Matches will last five minutes when playing at Mer Stadium; requiring just four players on each team.

Mer Stadium Layout

Mer Stadium is divided into three main areas: the top path, bottom path, and center path. There are three Goal Zones for each team to defend on their half of the arena; one in each side path, and one outside your team's base.

You and your allies will spawn inside your base at the start of the match and after being knocked out, an area exclusive to your team. As usual, quick health regeneration is provided. Super Jump Pads will appear at the 2:30 mark, located directly outside each team's base, allowing you to quickly launch yourself to one of six locations in the arena.

Goal Zones And Scoring

You will regenerate health and obtain a shield when inside one of your team's Goal Zones, providing you and your allies a place to safely recover. Initially, you will only be able to score in the enemy Goal Zones in the top and bottom paths. These Goal Zones, called Active Goal Zones, will be highlighted on your map throughout a Unite battle. To gain access to your opponent's third Goal Zone, your team must break one of these two Goal Zones first.

The two outer Goal Zones each require 60 points to be broken, while the Goal Zone outside your base is unbreakable. When a Goal Zone is destroyed, healing and scoring are no longer available at that location. You and your allies will gain a speed boost when traveling in the top and bottom paths if your Goal Zones in those lanes are still active, while your opponents will have their speed decreased when in this area.

Points scored in any Goal Zone will be doubled in the final minute of the match.


Berries can be found throughout Mer Stadium, consumable items that provide the user with a boost when picked up. Two kinds of berries can be found on this map:

Berry TypeBoost ProvidedLocation
Sitrus Berry+1500 HPBehind each team's Goal Zones in the top and bottom paths.
Salac BerryIncreases SpeedIn the center path, one outside your Base and one in the center of the arena.

Pokemon Unite: Mer Stadium Wild Pokemon

Knock out Wild Pokemon with your team, giving you XP and Aeos Energy. The following Wild Pokemon can be seen in Mer Stadium.

  • Aipom (evolves to Ambipom in the final minute)
  • Corphish (evolves to Crawdaunt in the final minute)
  • Audino

Additionally, two Wild Pokemon provide buffs once defeated; both are found in the central area of the map.

PokemonBuff Given
BouffalantBasic attacks slow enemy Pokemon.
LudicoloDeal more damage to Wild Pokemon with low HP.

Pokemon Unite: Mer Stadium Boss Pokemon

Boss Pokemon spawn throughout a Unite Battle, appearing at different times and providing unique boosts to whichever team executes the final hit. Securing these Pokemon greatly contributes to your team's overall success, allowing you and your allies to gain an advantage over your opponents both in XP and points scored.

Boss PokemonBonus Given For DefeatSpawn TimeLocation
RotomMoves towards opponents' Active Goal Zone. If reached, your team can score instantly.4:00 (Respawns every minute)Top Path and Bottom Path
ZapdosGrants your team up to 90 points that can be scored instantly at any of your opponents' Active Goal Zones.2:00 (Only spawns once)Center Path

There will be a 30-second countdown on the map prior to the appearance of each Boss Pokemon. Check your map often, so you can make it to these important battles on time.

When two minutes remain in a match, any Rotoms will despawn if they have not been defeated by this time. However, as long as your team knocks out this Pokemon before the one-minute mark, it will not despawn, instead continuing to push your opponent's Active Goal Zone.

Pokemon Unite: Mer Stadium Strategy

Success can be found through numerous play styles, but the following strategies are recommended when battling at Mer Stadium.

  1. It's recommended that two players go to each path, dividing the Wild Pokemon and XP evenly.
  2. Work with your team to defeat Wild Pokemon on your side of the map. This will provide maximum XP and Aeos Energy, giving you a level advantage over opponents and allowing you to score.
  3. Attempt to knock out enemy players and score points when possible. Take risks, especially in the second half of the match — due to the smaller size of this map and the availability of Super Jump Pads, you can quickly rejoin battles.
  4. Work with allies in your lane to knock out Rotom when it appears. Block and defeat opponents trying to secure this objective, allowing your team to secure and gain this Boss Pokemon's benefits.
  5. Group up with your team at the center of the map at the two-minute mark to take out Zapdos, often the most important fight in the match. Follow these steps when possible.
    1. Be sure to congregate near Zapdos slightly ahead of spawn.
    2. Make sure to clear the area of the opposition..
    3. Dealing with Zapdos uncontested is desirable.
  6. When successful, push any opposition Active Goal Zones, so you can build on your existing lead or mount a comeback.
  7. Return to your Base after scoring, either to jump on and defend your Active Goal Zones or heal up.
  8. Maximize your team's chances of success in a match by following this strategy.

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