Pokemon World Champion Calls Unite A Dying Game

Nicholas 'Junglebook' Kim, one of the champion players on the winning Pokemon Unite team, BLVKHVND, has called Unite "a dying game." He cites balancing issues, a stale meta, and long queues as reasons for his decision to step back from playing Unite so much.

Kim took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, writing that as well as long queues when playing solo, teammates are often "clueless" and have high ping, making them harder to play with.

He also claims five stacks have the same issue, with "long qs, same meta for months, also clueless teammates." He ends the tweet by writing unless these issues are fixed he won't be playing much Unite "in the foreseeable future."

Kim suggested some improvements he thinks would solve Unite's problems. He wants to see the frequency and quality of balance changes increased – a hard ask without hiring more devs or overworking existing ones. He also believes adding a solo queue ladder with incentives for top players would help more interest in solo queuing.

Kim would also like to see more official tournaments coming to the game, outside of the Worlds UCS circuit as he believes this would "stimulate improvement of the general competitive player base" and keep teams more motivated to practice.

Finally, Kim solemly tweeted, "The sad reality seems to be that Unite will never receive the resources and attention it needs to realize it’s full potential as a competitive MOBA."

In other Unite news, BLVKHVND recently parted ways with its coach Mike "Excellund" Lund Andersen after a sexual harassment incident was brought to the team's attention. Following an investigation, the player group and organisation decided to part ways with Lund Andersen.

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