Postal: Brain Damaged Is A More Classic Take On This Wacky Series

For close to two decades now, the Postal series has been known for one thing: being ridiculously offensive. While times have changed and the comedic stylings of developer Running With Scissors’ games has shifted, there’s always room for something a little more…colorful. Enter Postal: Brain Damaged, a more traditional looking spin-off of the GTA-lite shooter that could pass as a Serious Sam sequel.

Revealed during Realms Deep 2020, the devs kicked things off with a somewhat cringy video that sees lead designer Mike J getting killed. I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to be laughing or dialing 911, but it fits into the tone of what Brain Damaged is all about. This is a game that throws out what is sacred and thrusts the Postal guy into a new challenge.

Seeing as how I’ve never quite gotten sucked into the insanity that is Postal, Brain Damaged looks like something more my speed. There’s no wide-open sandbox or interconnected open-world nonsense. This is just pure shooting in small arenas with a ton of enemies. Collect guns, clear out foes, and keep moving.

Postal: Brain Damaged is currently slated for a 2021 release. Alongside this, a new Postal documentary that takes a look at the creation of the series will also be released next year. Covering each game from the original to its fan-favorite sequel and even the latest entry, Postal 4, it’s bound to be a must-watch for longtime fans. I’m not sure what else could go into these games other than “lots of drugs,” but learning about the secrets of this industry is always good.

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