Predicting How The Four Leaked Pokemon Will Ruin Unite

Right now there is one unreleased Pokemon in the Unite public test server, Comfey, and we don’t know any of the Pokemon that are coming after it. Since the start of Year 2, developer Timi Studio Group has always kept players informed of the next three Pokemon coming to the game. But now it's broken from the pattern, choosing instead to keep us in the dark about future Unite Licenses. Dragapult launched last week, meaning Comfey is only a week or two away. But after that, we don’t know what’s coming next – at least not officially.

Leave it to the leakers to fill in the gaps – or in the case of Pokemon Unite, one leaker in particular. Dataminer ElChicoEevee has a flawless track record for Unite leaks and has been a frequent source for upcoming features and Pokemon. Last week, the leaker shared on Twitter four potential Pokemon they believe are coming soon to Unite. Unlike most of their info, ElChicoEevee says these Pokemon are pure speculation based on in-game files, and recommends we take this leak with a grain of salt. Those upcoming Pokemon are Goodra, Chandelure, Tropius, and Inteleon.

Again, ElChicoEevee can’t confirm if all or any of these Pokemon are actually on the way, but given the lack of confirmed releases, it's worth speculating what kind of impact these Pokemon might have on the game. It seems like every time a new Unite License comes out, there’s a contingent of players automatically convinced they’re so overpowered that their presence ruins the entire game. Every once in a while we get a weak or balanced Pokemon like Scizor and Dragapult respectively, but more often than not, players cry nerf the second a new ‘mon drops. With that in mind, here’s how I think each leaked Pokemon is going to ruin the game.

ElChicoEevee seems to be more confident on Goodra over the other three, so let’s start with that. The Dragon Pokemon (yep, it’s literally the Dragon Pokemon) will be a welcome addition for many, myself included. I anticipate it will either be an All-Rounder like its Dragon-type brethren, or it will fill a much-needed Defender role. Though it isn’t a Poison-type, Goodra is often associated with toxic traits thanks to its slimy skin and Poison-type moves, Acid Spray and Poison Tail. There are two Poison-type Pokemon, Gengar and Venusaur, and they both use slightly-different variants of the same Poison move – Sludge Bomb. That ability applies the poison status effect that deals damage over time (DoT) but neither ability is particularly threatening. With Goodra, Unite has the potential of introducing a truly lethal DoT – something other MOBAs have but Unite has yet to introduce. Ticking damage can disrupt supporters like Blissey that rely on burst healing, and it can cause unaware players to die outside in battles they’ve otherwise already won. If you’ve ever escaped with just a sliver of health left, you should be afraid of the serious Poison damage Goodra could do.

If you’ve had to deal with irritating Ghost Pokemon in the past, you already know the kind of headache Chandelure might cause. Between Gengar’s hit-and-run assassin style and Sableye’s constant pestering, Unite has already proven how menacing invisible Pokemon can be. While it’s safe to assume Chandelure’s kit will have a unique take on invisibility, there’s no doubt it would be just as powerful as the other ghosts’. A Chandelure that can pop up behind the enemy line and Fire Spin your supports sounds like a real nightmare.

Tropius seems like a weird choice, as it would definitely be one of the least-popular Pokemon to join Unite. But then again, it might be an absolute menace to deal with. When I consider how Tropius would work in Unite, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘flying tank’, and the thought alone terrifies me. Some Defenders, like Mamoswine and Greedent, have excellent mobility, but a true Flying-Type tank could have a huge impact on the game if they’re able to fly over barriers to chase down squishy Pokemon and join team fights quickly. Defenders are one of the hardest classes to play as a solo player because they are more team-reliant than most other Pokemon, but a highly-mobile Defender could end up being Unite’s first tank-carry, which would be a serious disruption to the meta.

Finally, I think we all know the kind of damage Inteleon could do to the game. Pokemon that can snipe have a huge impact, both because of their ability to secure objectives, and because they’re well equipped to target backline, weak, and low-health Pokemon. Venasaur and Mew have both had periods of dominance in the meta thanks to Solar Beam, and Decidueye has always been an incredible asset in the right hands. The only thing that holds Decidueye back is its lack of mobility, but if Inteleon has Surf or Dive along with a powerful sniper move, it could end up being the most threatening Attacker on the roster.

We hope for balance, but if history is any indication, all four of these Pokemon will be OP, and Unite players will cry salty gamer tears until they get nerfed. Of course, the number one reason these four Pokemon will ruin Unite is by not being Umbreon, but I won’t hold that against them.

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