Pro Valorant Player Gizem Harmankaya Dies In Turkish Earthquake

Tributes have poured in for pro Valorant player Gizem 'Luie' Harmankaya after it was announced that she has died in the earthquake that struck Turkey two days ago, with reports that she was trapped under rubble for nearly three days.

Harmankaya was known as Luie within the Valorant esports scene and was formerly of Unknown Pros, an all-women esports team. The team's Twitter page shared a tribute to their former player with a simple but heartfelt message, "Sorry for your loss", it reads (translation from Turkish via Google). "Unfortunately we lost our former player Gizem Harmankaya. Our condolences to her family and all her fans. Rest in peace".

There have been reports from her friends on social media and on Dot Esports (via Dexerto) that she had been trapped under rubble for days. On social media, some have expressed anger that Luie could not be rescued in time, with those on the ground claiming that no help was provided while she lay trapped. "Let no one forget the begging of her family and people here for three days," wrote Turkish Valorant esports manager Çağlasu Kara.

Her death was caused by a large earthquake of magnitude of 7.8 on Monday. The earthquake was followed by aftershocks, some of which by themselves were large enough to cause further devastation. The magnitude of the earthquake and aftershocks has caused widespread damage in Turkey and neighbouring Syria, with infrastucture and many buildings completely destroyed. Many thousands have been affected, with death tolls reportedly in the tens of thousands, while many more have been left without homes or are currently seeking shelter.

Major Valorant social media account ValorIntel also posted a tribute to the Game Changers player, expressing "deepest condolences" to Harmankaya's loved ones.

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