Project U Leak Gives Us Our First Look At Ubisoft’s Upcoming Co-Op Shooter

Information is slowly leaking out on Ubisoft's mysterious Project U. At the end of last month, a website appeared requesting testers for a closed beta, revealing Project U to be a "session-based co-op shooter where many players unite to prevail against an overwhelming threat!" Those testers would have to be from Western Europe and would have to be okay with playing the game on PC via Ubisoft Connect. Other than that, we knew basically nothing about Project U.

Now, thanks to a leaked beta test invitation video, we have a tiny morsel of additional info to share. The footage comes courtesy of leaker Shaun Weber (via VGC), and it's covered in annoying lines like it's some sort of stolen VHS tape.

"U stands for Unite," said Project U creative director Damien Kieken. "As you will discover very quickly if you want to prevail in this game, uniting with other players is a must."

Kieken revealed that his team has been working on Project U for "several years," and that it will be "a little different" than other co-op shooters, of which Ubisoft has quite a few. He asks for a few thousand testers to sign up and provide feedback so they can make Project U a successful endeavor.

The middle of the video shows us a few snippets of what could be actual in-game footage. Project U will feature some very colorful landscapes that have geometric structures that fire beams of light into the sky alongside giant floating trapezoids above a lush and verdant forest. It's all very sci-fi, but it's definitely a unique look.

Ubisoft is looking for testers to answer questions after each game and complete a survey. There will be a Discord server where players can talk to the devs to share feedback and report bugs. You can sign up to be a tester here.

So far, nobody seems to think this is another battle royale game, and it's still too early in the game's development for us to even guess at its monetization strategy. But judging by the trend in co-op shooters, I'm just going to guess it'll be free-to-play with a battle pass. That's how Overwatch 2 decided to do things, although it's not going as well as Blizzard might have hoped.

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