PS Plus April 2019 FREE games news: Last chance to grab AMAZING PlayStation Plus deal

PS4 owners only have a few hours left to take advantage of an amazing PS Plus deal.

Ahead of the April 2019 free PS4 games reveal, Sony has slashed the price of PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

In a special limited-time deal, PS4 users can get 12 months of PlayStation Plus at a heavily reduced price.

Representing a saving of 25%, PS4 owners can get 12 months of PS Plus for just £37.49.

Unfortunately, however, the deal ends at 10am GMT on March 26, so you really don’t have long to sign up.

The only downside is that the offer isn’t available to existing subscribers, so you won’t be able to stack your membership.

Take advantage of the deal and you’ll be able to download the March 2019 free PS4 games, as well as the April selection.

In addition to free games, PS Plus subscribers can play multiplayer titles online.

This includes the likes of Fortnite, The Division 2 and Apex Legends, which is just about to get a Battle Pass.

Other benefits include exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store games and DLC. 

You also get 100GB of cloud storage for your PlayStation 4 game saves – which is perfect if you’re running out of hard drive space.

The current batch of free PlayStation Plus games includes Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and The Witness.

The Witness is a first-person puzzle game that takes place on an open-world island. 

“You wake up, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles that will challenge and surprise you,” reads the official description.

“You don’t remember who you are, and you don’t remember how you got here, but there’s one thing you can do: explore the island in hope of discovering clues, regaining your memory, and somehow finding your way home.”

Call of Duty 4 Modern Wafare Remastered, on the other hand, is a HD re-release of the popular FPS. It features the full campaign and a host of multiplayer maps for online play.

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