PS Plus Subscribers Want More Notice About Departing Games

PlayStation launched its revamped PS Plus service this year and there are still a few issues subscribers want to be ironed out. The latest issue raised is the lack of notice given when a title is leaving the Extra and Premium tiers.

Unlike the free games subscribers get through Essential which will stay in your library for as long as you remain signed up, Extra and Premium games have expiration dates. Once that date has passed, the game will become unplayable unless you have paid for it, even if you added it to your library and downloaded it while it was available as a part of your subscription.

The biggest problem with that is the lack of communication from PlayStation regarding when titles are going to leave. Right now, the only way expiration dates are advertised is via the game's PS Store page. As highlighted in the replies to the Reddit post below, if you have already added an expiring game to your library, you'll have no need to visit its Store page and therefore not see the date on which it will be leaving the service.

Potentially even worse is the discovery that a game you've been eyeing up on Plus for a while that will consume a lot of your time is leaving later that same month, or maybe even a few days later. Greedfall, for example, which will require at least 50 hours of your time. Discovering that'll be gone from Extra and Plus a few days later means there's no point downloading it unless you think you'll love it enough to pay full price when it eventually leaves Plus.

To make matters worse, PlayStation introduced a leaving PS Plus tab to the service's app, a terrific idea, but then stopped updating it, a terrible idea. All of the above might highlight why two million people have dropped PS Plus since the tiered system was introduced over the summer. On the bright side, five classic Ratchet & Clank games will be added to the service to celebrate the series turning 20.

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