PS5 Bundles Will Be In Stock At GameStop "This Afternoon"

GameStop will have more PS5 consoles available this afternoon. A specific time wasn’t mentioned by the company – and the availability is limited to online orders – but it’s another great chance to nab the elusive console.

Details are a bit murky, but it sounds like the available PS5s will only be sold as part of a bundle. These typically come with a few controllers and extra games, but have price tags well above $599. Regardless, we’d recommend refreshing the GameStop page as often as you can over the next several hours in the hopes you’ll be among the first to see the new stock. You can check out the announcement below:

While it’s unfortunate that no time is given, it might actually work out in your favor. When exact dates and times are listed online, bots are easily able to clear out the inventory before us normal humans have had a chance to look at the listings. With only a loose time frame of “this afternoon,” the playing field between humans and computers is evened.

We’d still recommend creating a GameStop account ahead of time, along with inputting all your credit card information and shipping address. This will help streamline the process – all you’ll need to do is find the bundle you like and click a few buttons.

It’s also wise to figure out your budget ahead of time. If GameStop truly is only offering PS5 in bundles, you’re looking at a price tag several hundred dollars more than the base console. When I went to purchase the console from GameStop on launch day, I was shocked by the sticker prices – and missed out on my opportunity.

PS5 is off to a strong start, but it’s also suffering some shipment delays around the globe. GAME, one of the top video game retailers in the UK, recently announced pre-orders will likely be a few days late. Part of the reason was the sheer size of PS5 consoles, which lowers the number that can fit on a single delivery truck. It’s unfortunate for all those who were ahead of the curve and landed pre-orders, but we’re hopeful things will get sorted out soon.

PS5’s will be back in stock at GameStop some time this afternoon. Keep mashing that refresh button and hope for the best.

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