PS5 fan is super quiet reveals new Japanese YouTuber preview videos

A series of previews by Japanese websites and influencers has answered the most important question about the PS5: how loud is it?

It may seem a trivial problem at first but the noise that the PlayStation 4’s cooling fans make once they get going is inarguably the console’s biggest hardware issue.

Even with loud games you can often hear the console above the volume of the action and if it happens to be something with taxing graphics but very quiet moments, like The Last Of Us Part 2, it can feel almost deafening.

But there’s good news: Sony has heard the complaints (over the sound of the console) and apparently the PlayStation 5 is quiet as a mouse, according a number of new previews from Japan.

A series of hands-on previews organised by Sony Japan appeared over the weekend, from both professional outlets such as 4Gamer and Dengeki and famous (in their own country) YouTubers.

You can see some of them below, including demos of various games including Astro’s Playroom, Godfall, and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition.

That’s a slightly odd selection of games but whether there’s been any other major revelations won’t be clear until they’ve all been translated.

According to a translation of the Dengeki article by VGC though the PlayStation 5 is ‘exceptionally quiet’, with the journalist suggesting that, ‘the quietness of the fans was more impressive than the loading times’. (Not that they were suggesting the load times were unimpressive.)

What’s also encouraging is that apparently the PlayStation 5 doesn’t get hot during use either, with both 4Gamer and Dengeki claiming that the air coming out of the console wasn’t particularly warm.

‘From the structure, it seems that a Sirocco fan is built in, so it seems that the housing itself doubles as a fan case’, said 4Gamer, according to a translation by Press Start.

The only complaint anyone had about the console is it’s size, which was already well known before now. But that seems to be primarily so that it can house a big enough fan to ensure it’s quiet enough not to be a nuisance and doesn’t generate too much heat either.

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