PS5 Surprise news as YouTube star builds his own PlayStation 5 for 8K gaming with PC parts

We’ve now had some tantalising details concerning next-gen consoles, PS5 and Project Scarlett. But fans still don’t know exactly when they’ll be getting their hands on one, except for one gamer/ YouTuber, Austin Evans who’s built his own version!

Both Sony and Microsoft have been fairly open about some of the specs and details of their upcoming consoles. For example, we know both systems will load games at much-improved speeds thanks to SSD’s and both systems will support 8K gaming.

Because technology that closely resembles what we think PS5’s structure will be like is already on the market, it’s possible to have a decent guess at what a base model PS5 might be like, which is exactly what Evans has done.

Specifically, by using an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x processor and a Radeon RX 5700 graphics card (among other things), Evans has managed to create a system that replicates the expected power of the PS5.

The process of creating this system involved downloading Windows 10 to the machine and altering the processor, fiddling with the power provided to the system, and various other factors too.

There was a lot of guesswork to compensate for the fact that we know far from everything about next-gen consoles, and the results were mixed at first (15FPS wouldn’t please many gamers!), but Evans thinks 4K resolution locked at 60FPS should easily be possible, and who knows what else beyond that.

The games Evans played using his system also seemed to run very smoothly, and there were impressive numbers during several of his tests. Plus, the setup, with all its fancy processors and fans, looked really cool!

However, just because Evans has found a set up that delivers what we think PS5 might look like, this doesn’t mean that we’re looking at the exact next-generation tech we’ll see in future consoles. Evans admits that all of this needs to be taken with ‘a big grain of salt.’

However, if any gamers aren’t happy waiting for the release of the next consoles, Austin Evans’ demonstration YouTube video is available to view here. Maybe others can build their own PS5 too!

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