PS5 Trophies Will Unlock Rewards Such As Exclusive Profile Pictures And Banners

Sony recently showed of the PS5’s revamped trophy system and UI, but it appears that there’s a lot more to it than we originally thought. It seems that the next-gen system will reward you with exclusive digital content for unlocking certain trophies – including new avatar images and profile banners.

The info was revealed by MP1st, which posted an image of the trophy screen for Destruction AllStars. One image shows off the Gold Trophy, Wreckognised, which mentions the term “Profile Avatar” after giving a brief description of how to unlock the trophy. Then there’s another image for the Bronze Trophy, Rookie – again giving a brief description before mentioning the presumed reward of a “Profile Banner” underneath.

There’s no word yet as to whether this will be implemented in every single game on the platform or just first-party titles, but it’s bound to make trophy hunting a more worthwhile experience. The PS4 did offer a few rewards for players who unlocked Platinum Trophies on specific games, but the rewards had to be redeemed outside of the PS4 ecosystem using your PC. PlayStation 5 is aiming to bring this feature to new heights, rewarding players directly through the PS5 interface – and for trophies much easier to obtain than a Platinum.

PlayStation 5 is gearing up to launch on November 12 in select regions, with a worldwide release to follow on November 19.

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