PSA: You Don’t Have To Pay With Gold To Change Your Appearance In Red Dead Online

If you’re stuck with a disheveled madman as your Red Dead Online character – we’ve all been there – and are looking for a little bit of a change-up, then fret not because the cost isn’t actually premium as you can pay to change your looks with readily available in-game currency.

In actuality, changing your appearance costs $400 – not just gold – but some are reporting that this feature was actually hidden for them when going to purchase the appearance change. Others claim the opposite, so it seems as though various players are drawing the short stick while others are plainly aware of the accessible pricing.

However, as Reddit user World_of-Warshipgirl points out, “The second most upvoted review on Steam claims [appearance changes] can only be bought with gold, so I imagine there’s a lot of people unaware of this.”

The first appearance change is completely free, so if $400 is too steep and you have yet to alter your looks, then you are, funnily enough, in luck. Every time after that costs money but if it’s your base appearance that isn’t the problem but rather your hair, clothes, or whatever other on-top cosmetics, those can be changed at the likes of hairdressers and tailors at cheaper prices.

As for how you actually access the change appearance option, all you have to do is press left on the d-pad – or L on PC – to open the Free Roam menu. Here, go down to online options and then appearance. The only kicker is that you can’t swap gender, so you’re strapped to whatever it is you picked at the start in that regard. Everything else is readily available to be modified, though.

Someone stated, “I have changed my character like 20 times and every time I had the $ option,” while another stated, “I have never seen the option to change my appearance with cash before,” so perhaps it’s a bug or perhaps it’s a weird design choice. Whatever the case, you can modify your looks with cash instead of real-life money.

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