PSVR2 Resident Evil Village And Horizon Call Of The Mountain Gameplay Shown Off

The PSVR2 still has an unspecific early 2023 release date attached to it, and PlayStation has revealed the headset will be playable for those at Tokyo Game Show this week. However, a lucky few have been afforded the chance to try out Sony's next-gen VR gear ahead of time, giving players their best look yet at games like Horizon Call Of The Mountain and Resident Evil Village in VR.

Both Eurogamer and IGN have posted extensive footage of the PSVR2 in action, most of it revealing a tonne of new info about the gameplay for the titles mentioned above. The better look at Call of the Mountain is the biggest takeaway as it will be an entirely new game in the Horizon series and not just a VR version of something players have seen before.

IGN's report further confirms Call of the Mountain won't be open world, but also clarifies that it isn't entirely linear. While there is a certain direction you will need to go, and the game is effectively split into levels, players have different paths they'll need to choose from. It's compared to Uncharted with a lot of emphasis on how much more fun its climbing mechanic feels compared to the same action in regular games.

Eurogamer's video is quite a bit longer and gives an in-depth look at a variety of games you'll be able to play on PSVR2. Leading the way is Resident Evil Village, a VR version of which will be available on the new system. While there's a VR mod for Village available on PC, it's noted that it just doesn't compare to the real thing on PSVR2. The feel and the look are both tremendous, allowing those who have played before to experience the game in an entirely new way.

There's a great deal of information about the headset and some of its launch games in both of the hands-on reports. No doubt more details about the PSVR2 will be revealed in the coming days as PlayStation hands it over to TGS attendees to use this weekend. More new games, that will presumably be a part of the 20 available at launch, were also revealed during Tuesday's State of Play.

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