PUBG Xbox and PS4 UPDATE: Server Status down as new patch notes revealed

A New PUBG update is being released today on PS4 and Xbox One following official servers going down.

Bluehole Inc made the announcement earlier this week, revealing that PUBG console servers could be offline for several hours.

During this period, standard servers on PS4 and Xbox One will not function and players will not be able to join live games.

The good news is that while there will be Battle Royale disruption tonight, a massive update is being released afterwards.

PUBG Update 8 features the new progression system called Weapon Mastery, Controller Preset Type C, the new Auto Equip feature, loot rebalancing on Erangel and Vikendi, and much more.

And when Bluehole Inc. describes it as much more, they’re not exaggerating, with the patch notes listing reams of changes and bugfixes.

The latest news from the PUBG support team is that the game on consoles will be offline for around six hours, starting at 6am in the UK.

This means that servers won’t be back online until midday, although there’s a chance that maintenance will be completed earlier than scheduled.

“Xbox & PS4 Players: Live servers will undergo maintenance for 6 hours on June 26 10pm PDT / June 27 7am CEST,” a message from the PUBG support team reads.

“Weapon Mastery, Controller Preset C, loot balancing, and more will be available once maintenance ends.”

It should be noted that today’s PUBG update on Xbox One will be referenced as patch 8 on Xbox One and patch 9 on PS4.

The patch notes list pretty much the same changes, however, there may be a few differences when it comes to bugfixes.

We’ve chosen a few highlights from the patch notes to share, with more expected later.

VIKENDI MAP CHANGES: “With this update, we made Vikendi a more balanced sniper haven with increased long guns and the addition of the MK47 Mutant for that extra burst of firepower.

“Getting through all those snipers will be a bit easier with better cover, which the extra 4-wheel drive vehicles will provide better than snowbikes.”

NEW PROGRESSION SYSTEM: “Weapon Mastery is a new progression system where players can increase levels by gaining weapon XP based on players’ weapon use.

“It operates all the time without being affected by seasons. Weapon Mastery offers 100 levels for players to achieve per weapon.

“In the lobby, players can check their weapon use information, last match results, and the rewards they acquired thus far through the newly created Mastery tab.”


Weapon Mastery 

Weapon Mastery Rewards – There are three types of Weapon Mastery rewards. These rewards can only be acquired through Mastery achievement.


  • Charms are accessories that can be equipped to weapons.
  • New charm can achieved at every five levels of progression per weapon.
  • Charms can be used with any weapon skins.
  • Acquired charms can be equipped/unlocked in the rewards page. Equipped charms can be seen in-game.


  • Medals highlight awesome accomplishments players perform with their weapons.
  • Each medal can be earned multiple times. There is even a counter that tracks how many medals have been achieved.

Tier Emblems

  • Players can earn emblems equivalent to their level brackets achieved per each weapon.
  • Up to 10 tiers can be achieved.

How to earn Weapon XP

  • Weapon XP is earned when one or more of the following elements is satisfied during a match.
  • Damage
  • Headshots


  • Defeats is a new term used for tracking actions that includes knockdowns, killing the last member of a team and killing solo players.
  • You can acquire extra weapon XP based on distance of defeats.
  • When earning Weapon XP, the amount received will increase based on how long you survived.
  • Defeats follow the existing judgment rules for DBNO/Kills currently used in the game.

Additional information:

  • Weapon Mastery does not count friendly fire/team damage.
  • Weapon Mastery does not count downs caused by road kills or environmental factors (blue zone, red zone, fall damage, or drowning).
  • Weapon Mastery does not count throwables or melee damage.
  • Total defeats for each weapon can be found on the Weapons tab under Mastery.
  • There is a maximum limit on each weapon that can be getting weapon XP.


  • Added a new Controller preset, Type C
    • Preset settings can be changed in the menus labeled Configuration – Control – Controller Preset
    • The new preset  is more suitable for thumb – index finger – middle finger control
  • Compared to Preset A or B, Preset C is for players that utilize leaning and combat strategies heavily
    • Preset C does not have the Aim (over the shoulder) key
    • Leaning can be used by pressing LB or RB key
      • Leaning was separated from the analog sticks to avoid disrupting the aim or movement
      • The key to equip sidearm has been changed to double tap Y for a quicker change in dynamic battles
      • For other changes, please see the in-game Controller Guide
      • A word from our dev team:
        • Controller preset C is designed to make a battle focused preset, so players would have minimum difficulty when moving, aiming, leaning or firing during combat by making them all independent. 
        • Preset C omitted the less commonly used key (in this case, AIM down the shoulder) and tried to avoid the loss in response time of ADS or distraction to combat.
        • We will be adding customization options to all presets (A, B and C) allowing some key settings to be added/altered. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback. 
        • BUGFIXES


          • Optimized performance to decrease the time it takes to load into matches.



          Sound Improvements

          • We’ve now added more sounds for item interactions.
            • Previously items were looted, dropped, equipped and unequipped, some items had the same sound effects regardless of the characteristics of each item. Sounds will now vary more between items.
          • Added vehicle suspension sounds.
            • Sounds of moving vehicles’ suspension working can now be heard.
            • Different sounds will be played in different situations. Vehicles moving on rough terrain or when landing from a jump will make unique sounds.
            • Suspension sound volume is different between TPP and FPP.

              Bug Fixes

              • Fixed an issue with some barbed wire fences blocking bullets.
              • Fixed an issue where players are unable to pick up items that are placed under broken barbed wire fences.
              • Fixed an issue where items spawned in inaccessible locations of Docks on Sanhok
              • Fixed an issue where the player camera could pass through a specific wall at Paradise Resort on Sanhok while standing close to it.
              • Fixed an issue which allowed grenades to be thrown through the underside of the parasols at Paradise Resort on Sanhok.
              • Fixed an issue which prevented players from standing up after being prone under certain hut boardwalks on Sanhok.
              • Fixed an issue where lighting effects could change abruptly on stone buildings with curved roofs on Sanhok.



              • Fixed the issue with center screen DBNO and kill messages being delayed.
              • Fixed the issue with interaction UI remaining in spectator screen when is killed during interaction UI activated.
              • Fixed the issue with certain maneuver could prevent motorcycles from flipping.
              • Fixed the issue where the character would continue moving when system menu was opened while driving or freefalling.
              • Fixed an issue with different UAZ model variants having different maximum speeds.
              • Fixed the issue with a frag grenade ground burn mark textures overlapping the player character’s model
              • Fixed an issue where only one side of footsteps is output in certain situations.
              • Fixed an issue which would remove player’s hair completely when equipping caps.
              • Fixed a visual issue when punk knuckle gloves were equipped.
              • Fixed a visual issue preventing belts from being visible when wearing a fur coat.
              • Fixed an issue where character’s hair and face overlap when a female character equips specific hair styles and caps.
              • Fixed a visual issue with shadows displaying incorrectly when swimming in FPP.
              • Fixed an issue where players are unable to revive their teammates if casting UI freezes at 0 while reviving.
              • Fixed an issue when using a scope and the character moves backward, the scope shakes.
              • Fixed certain limb animations not playing while vaulting.
              • Fixed an issue preventing the correct crosshair from being displayed after holstering a sidearm.
              • Fixed an issue with Shirt (Plaid) icon not matching the in-game asset.
              • Fixed a bug which prevented footsteps from being heard while walking over mud or water while wearing Harley Quinn Daddy’s Lil’ Monster Outfit
              • Fixed an issue where weapons could sometimes become unusable after reconnecting to a game.
              • Fixed a visual issue after reloading an M249 which could cause the magazine to float mid-air.
              • Fixed an issue preventing vehicle missions from being completed with the Zima.
              • Fixed an issue where players could take excessive damage or die when landing at specific locations.
              • Fixed an issue where the screen would shake when ADS and leaning against a wall or the corner of objects.
              • Fixed an issue where the game mode would sometimes change when making a team.
              • Fixed an issue where some bullets could pass through a wall when firing in specific conditions
              • Fixed an issue with a vehicle that slipped more than intended while driving.
              • Fixed an issue which prevented healing items from being used when holding a weapon and performing an emote.
              • Fixed an issue which allowed some unintended weapon types to be used from the back seat of an Aquarail.
              • Fixed an issue where an error message is output when attempting to replace a cooked throwable with a throwable in the inventory.
              • Grenades can no-longer be thrown through wire mesh (most notably, wire fences)
              • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes appear to be moving in a falling motion

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