Pupperazzi Lets You Pet The Dogs AND Take Their Picture

Take pictures of the most beautiful puppers in Pupperazzi. And yes, you can definitely pet the dogs.

There’s an ongoing trend in video games where players ask if you can pet the dog. You don’t have to ask that question in Pupperazzi. Of course you can pet the dog. You can pose the dog. You can make the dog wear silly hats. You can take the dog to the beach and go on a long walk where you talk about your hopes for the future. You can take the dog to the skate park where they’ll pull a sick ollie and totally stick the landing.

And throughout it all, you will take pictures of the dog. That’s your job in Pupperazzi. You’re a dog photographer, and every dog is a good boy (or girl) just waiting to be immortalized.

Pupperazzi is a joint venture between indie studios Sundae Month (the folks that brought you Dad Quest and Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor) and Kitfox Games (the folks behind Boyfriend Dungeon and Dwarf Fortress). Fans of any of their previous games will recognize them for being pretty chill adventures with a lot of humor, and Pupperazzi is no exception.

Dogs are the focus in Pupperazzi. You can play with them, dance with them, walk with them, and throughout it all take pictures of them. Your arsenal in this first-person shooter is cameras. Upgrade your filters, swap out your lenses for that perfect shot, and post those puppy pictures online for the world to see.

As far as we can tell from the limited information on Steam, there’s really no plot to Pupperazzi except taking pictures of dogs. And honestly, there doesn’t need to be. Dogs are their own reward. And there are a lot of dogs in Pupperazzi.

Pupperazzi is out now on Steam and Itch.io.

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