Race Into Red Dead Online This Week For Triple Rewards And XP

The Kentucky Derby has come and gone, but you can still get in on the equestrian action in Red Dead Online. This week is the perfect time to do so, too, since eight new Races will be making their way to the game next week. In preparation for the new races, this week, players can earn triple RDO$ and XP across all current Races, as well as triple XP in Posse Races.

Even if racing is your forte, you’re still eligible for bonus rewards and XP for participating. However, if you are able to place in the Top 3, you’ll also receive an Offer for 40%-off any Saddle. Posse Races, which take place in Free Roam, are also eligible for triple XP. In addition, stopping by your Stable will earn you a free Horse Care Package to restore and replenish your equestrian’s vitals.

Stables are also offering 30%-off all Race Horse breeds this week, along with 40%-off all Saddlebags and Stirrups.

If horses aren’t your thing, you’re still able to get some sweet discounts at your local Gunsmith, with Evans Repeaters going for 50%-off, and 40%-off for the Bow. Finally, Tailors are offering any Outfit from their Catalogue for 40%-off the regular price.

You’d better jump on it, though – your horse, that is – these rewards are only available for a limited time, ending after May 24.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to connect your Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming to get the rewards of a free Bounty Hunter License and free Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery. Additionally, if you do so before June 7, you can get Offers for 50%-off the Advanced Camera and Outfits up to Rank 15, along with Rewards of five Blending Tonics and five Legendary Animal Pheromones.

Now’s the time to jump into Red Dead Online, if you haven’t already. The game received a console and cloud release on Game Pass last week, making it even more accessible than it already was.

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