Rainbow Six Siege: 7 exciting new features coming in Operation Phantom Sight

  • Our second addition to the ever-growing Siege roster is a new U.S. operator named Warden. As you can probably surmise from his heavily stylised appearance, he’s a member of the secret service. Using his Glance Smart Glasses, he’s able to see through smoke and flashbangs though this becomes less effective while mobile. Hailing from Kentucky, he also rocks a solid moustache though we’ve been assured this isn’t some off-the-wall KFC crossover.
  • Siege’s resident Spetsnaz sniper, Glaz, is also being reworked for Y4S2. Severely underused, he received a significant upgrade to his OTS-03 rifle allowing him to see enemies in bright yellow when aiming with a scope. This feature has now been nerfed to dampen his close range capabilities. The yellow highlights will fade if Glaz is moving – a compromise Ubisoft hopes will help bring balance.
  • While there’s no new map for this season, the team at Ubisoft Montreal has renovated a much-loved classic, the glamorous Kafe Dostoyevsky. While not as major as last year’s Hereford Base rework, this map has been tweaked to allow more viable bomb sites and generally encourages players to use the entire space. All wooden surfaces are now fully destructible, too.

  • As part of Y4S2, Siege’s in-game shop is also undergoing a redesign. In the past it’s been somewhat finicky to navigate and search for specific bundles or character collections. This new look will help highlight featured content and generally make it find and discover cosmetic items for your operators.

  • The team at Ubisoft Montreal continues to refine its Ranked Play experience for Rainbow Six Siege, surfacing more play data and statistics to help track your career and progress from rank to rank. When Y4S2 goes live Ranked will finally come out of beta, complete with picks and bans, exclusively for the Bomb game mode.

  • Each new season also heralds a new Elite skin for one of Siege’s in-game operators. This time, Lesion will be stepping into the Rainbow Six wardrobe for a visual overhaul. Swapping out the cargo shorts for something a little more practical, Lesion’s new getup gives off a stylish futuristic vibe. As with any Elite skin, there’s a premium price tag – 1,800 R6 credits to be precise.







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