Ranking All Of The Moms In Pokemon – Video Games Edition

Who doesn’t love a good mom? I’m not just talking about our own mothers and the important role they play as a guardian figure and matriarch of a family, but the sexy kind. You know, the type we want to step on us and treat us like good little girls and boys if we ask super nicely. Yes, I am somehow being allowed to write this without consequence.

But I’m not just focusing on any old mom here, but moms from the one and only Pokemon. Pokemoms, if you will. There are so many of them, with mommies often the first people you meet after creating a character and waking up in your childhood bedroom. Or the back of a van, it depends on what game you’re playing. Today, I’m going to break down the best Pokemoms and why they’ve had us simping something fierce over the years.

First though, I need to establish some ground rules. This is a very serious article, and to avoid overcomplicating things the rankings here will focus entirely on the games, and I will strive to write a second focusing on the anime. Delia Ketchum deserves to be praised and leaving her out of proceedings here feels like a crime. Her time will come I promise, but for now we are sticking to Game Freak’s mass of mommies. Let’s rock and roll.

I also haven’t played enough of Scarlet & Violet yet to determine that specific mom’s position here, but please be assured I like her very much.

8 – Hoenn (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald)

We love a minimal mommy, but Hoenn’s parent is a little too simplistic for my tastes. While she’s developed further in the anime, a lack of concept art detailing her character and little more than a pixelated avatar means that this rendition sadly lands in the bottom position. She’s still caring and enthusiastic, gifting us with running shoes to make the act of traversing Hoenn that much easier. All moms are angels in our eyes.

7 – Kalos (X & Y)

Much like the 3DS entries she hails from, Grace is kinda forgettable. Aside from handing us a map before our adventure begins, additional conversations with this mom will unveil parts of her past as a Rhyhorn Racer. She didn’t train Pokemon per say, but she had deep bonds and loved to ride them competitively. Now she is staying at home to watch over the house while we’re away. Like many of the series’ moms, there’s extra depth in the animation.

6 – Unova (Black and White 1 & 2)

The duo of mothers from Black and White 1&2 give me privileged energy. Like they flick on Jeremy Kyle once I’ve left the house and spend too much time on Facebook posting minion memes and arguing with strangers. It’s all done in good faith though, and this moral chaos is balanced out with a love for gardening and caring for the local community.

Unova’s moms are a rare breed because this is one of the few instances of exploring the same region in entirely separate entries, so parts of their designs carry over alongside their cultural mannerisms and outfit quirks. One used to work in a Pokemon Center as a sales assistant, while the other teases a Pokemon journey of her own that occurred in the past. We are only given snippets of these backstories through dialogue, but having the moms be more than figures to dole out tutorials and handy mechanics makes them feel more alive.

5 – Galar (Sword & Shield)

This mom – or mum if we’re being region specific – has cute glasses and even cuter overalls. She also moved us into a house with no doors separating any of the rooms, which is either really unsettling or a weird fantasy depending on what you’re into. I’m definitely ranking them this high because they represent Britain, and also marked one of the first times a parent’s appearance in the game was directly influenced by the design you choose yourself at the start of the game. It gave them a more consistent identity, and showcased a graphical evolution that previous games weren’t capable of. She doesn’t have much of a backstory to speak of which is a shame, especially given Sword & Shield was stuffed with narrative.

4 – Johto (Gold & Silver)

Comfy moms are the best, and Johto’s dons a fabulous apron, love for cooking, and a penchant for spending her money on berries for us to eat instead of paying the mortgage. Nobody’s perfect, and I’d rather she make my journey easier instead of ensuring her own financial stability. Money is a big thing for her character, since in this Gen a set amount of money is automatically sent to your mom after every single battle. This will top out after a certain point, but knowing our character wants to support his/her mother is so damn cute.

3 – Sinnoh (Diamond & Pearl)

Not all moms are housewives who stay at home to do the cooking and cleaning, some prefer to get out there and make a worthwhile mark on the community. Diamond & Pearl more than proved this with Johanna, one of the town’s most accomplished Pokemon co-ordinators and a major supporting character in her own right. Aside from holding down a demanding job, this mom can also be found supporting us before big tournaments and travelling to villas to enjoy some leisure time. All mommies deserve agency, and this one felt like a worthwhile step forward for the series that it didn’t always adhere to.

2 – Aloha (Sun & Moon)

As the saying goes, you should never judge a mom by its cover. Hidden behind the cheerful optimism and neverending smiles sits a person with their own flaws and insecurities that children aren’t meant to know. This is especially true for the Aloha mom, who uprooted her life in Kanto to cement a better existence in Aloha. Maybe the cost of living was too high or she went through a nasty divorce, but whatever it was, she never let us in on her secrets.

This mom doesn’t stay at home either. She is often seen attending festivals or appearing before big battles to support her child, and optional conversations reveal that she was once a troublemaking trainer in her youth and left her husband behind in Kanto, but they keep in contact through an adorable sequence of letters. We absolutely love to see it.

1 – Kanto (Red & Blue)

You can’t beat the original mom, nor one that has been reimagined time and time again through remakes, remasters, and re-releases. Kanto might be a tired locale at this point, but I will never tire of the mommy who calls it home. She cares for her child, hopes to see them succeed, and is always waiting for us at home when we return. This mom was also the inspiration for Delia Ketchum, who might be the greatest mom in the history of moms.

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