Red Dead Online Player Mourns Its Death With Highlight Reel Of Their Adventures

Red Dead Online will be coming to an end soon. We don't know exactly when, but we do know that Rockstar is no longer releasing proper updates for it. Its 2022 Halloween update was copied from 2021, to put into perspective just how much Rockstar is done with it. Well, one player has made a video documenting their escapades across the frontier, complete with narration from in-game NPCs.

Redditor UniverseBatter posted the video to the RDO subreddit earlier this week. They said it took them 25 hours to make, but it's unclear if that means editing and capturing footage or just one or the other.

OP added, "Tried getting as much footage with the Christmas snow update as I could this year." The snowy footage does look excellent, especially with all the set pieces included. "I actually enjoyed the Moonshiner story and wish we had gotten more missions," UniverseBatter wrote.

The video features their RDO cowboy galavanting across the Wild West as NPCs narrate in the background. It's an impressive video with production values so good it could easily be mistaken for official Rockstar promo for the Moonshine story missions or a winter update.

It shows that the strength of Rockstar's games is the worlds they inhabit. As GTA RP NoPixel developer DW said, "Rockstar's worlds are more home than fantasy."

The comments are all positive, with people praising OP and the care taken to craft the video. One even commented on the lack of HUD, writing, "clean screen is the way."

In other Red Dead Online news, despite its looming closure, the game is enjoying more popularity than ever before. Announcing its days were numbered seems to have brought all the curious players out of the woodwork for a gander around West Elizabeth while they still have time. Even UniverseBatter is hopeful, writing "Might seem silly but I have high hopes for RDO this year, mainly because of all the new players that are starting to pick up the game. I don’t expect Rockstar to give us new content, I am just excited to share the experience with new folks!"

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