Red Dead Redemption 2 UPDATE: Red Dead Online news, shock Rockstar rumours

This week’s small Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update is set to be followed by a more considerable multiplayer expansion soon.

The good news is that while the big Spring release is not here yet, this week’s update brings some top rewards to fans who have been playing Red Dead Online for a long time.

Any Red Dead Online player who hits Rank 10 this week will receive a bonus RDO$100 for their troubles.

Those who have been playing a while may have already reached this rank, meaning you will automatically qualify for this bonus, meaning no running around required before the May 13 deadline.

We now well into Spring and there has yet to be another significant update on Rockstar Games’ next big expansion.

It’s badly needed and will hopefully include some surprise content for fans on PS4 and Xbox One.

Fans are in dire need of new content that doesn’t just extend to new Showdown Modes and cosmetic items.

The road isn’t clear for Red Dead Redemption 2 to dominate online in its current beta form, something that needs rectifying.

While we don’t know when the new update will drop – hopefully before the end of May – fans have received another exciting Rockstar this week.

Fans believe that they have found more evidence that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC.

It may seem like a no-brainer that the top studio would want to port over their latest, massively successful game.

But fans will remember that this never happened for Red Dead Redemption, which remains a console exclusive. New reports this week will give PC players hope that a port is being worked on, following news of a recent find.

An official Linked In page has been found for a physics programmer that lists Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC as an ongoing project.

It’s not official proof that Rockstar Game is currently working on RDR2 for PC, but it can only be seen as a good sign that something is happening.

The studio could prove to launch the PC version of Red Dead 2 in early 2020, which would bring several benefits.

It’s expected that Red Dead Online will have completed its beta period by that point, meaning that a whole new pool of players will gain access to a more finished product.

Starting with more things to do in multiplayer mode should help Rockstar keep hold of more players in the long run.

However, until Rockstar officially announces something concerning the PC platform, this all remains rumours for now.

This could also fit in with another rumour that suggests GTA 6 could be released in late 2020. While that would prove pretty shocking for fans, it would also provide Rockstar with an opportunity.

If the studio chooses to spread out their PC release like they did with GTA 5, a new port for GTA 6 on PC will take around 18 months to emerge. That would provide Red Dead Online to build a solid following before the next major Rockstar release arrives.

For now, all of this remains speculation, with Red Dead Online on PS4 and Xbox One Rockstar’s primary focus in 2019. And things look set to ramp up with the release of the significant Spring expansion on PS4 and Xbox One.

New features and missions for Red Dead multiplayer have already been detailed by the development team, with a few surprises hoped for too.

Rockstar has confirmed that more ‘Land of Opportunities’ Missions will be part of the update, where fans will get to continue Jessica LeClerk’s search for revenge as you explore the path of a Gunslinger or an Outlaw.

This will launch alongside new Free Roam Mission givers and mission types, with Rockstar hinting at some single player cameos. Rockstar is also planning to expand the dynamic events that can occur in Red Dead Online, meaning fighting off ambushes, initiating rescues and defending folks in need.

If this is happening soon, fans can probably expect some kind of announcement and written update from Rockstar in the coming weeks.

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