Redditor Creates Ring Fit Mod For Breath Of The Wild

SuperLouis64, the incredible modder that brought us the sadistic Ring Fit mod for Dark Souls, has created a similar mod for Breath of the Wild. In a brief clip posted to Reddit, SuperLouis64 shows off the new technology – which some fans are calling the “Zelda: Out of Breath” mod.

Unless you’re a professional athlete, this new mod will probably leave you gasping for air. The Ring Fit Mod locks out your joystick until you start jogging in place. That means Link won’t move unless you’re moving, too – running across Hyrule has never looked so exhausting. The same goes for climbing. Unless you’re physically moving, Link isn’t going anywhere.

SuperLouis64’s mod forces you to do squats to open the menu, as well – a feature that seems harmless enough. That is, until you’ve spent that last hour literally running through the fields of Hyrule and now you need to pop a squat in order to open your map.

Combat with the mod is admittedly weird according to SuperLouis64. The video shows him frantically waving the Ring-Con around in order to swing Link’s weapon in-game, and it certainly does look awkward. However, he later shows that the Ring-Con isn’t necessary for this action and can be tracked by the Joy-Cons alone.

The clip ends by showing off the same mod running on Mario Kart 8. You’ll need to run in place to accelerate, but other than that it looks like the controls remain largely untouched.

Compared to his previous Dark Souls mod, this one doesn’t look nearly as frustrating. You’ll still work up a sweat, no doubt, but at least most of the combat in Breath of the Wild is more forgiving than its Dark Souls counterpart. SuperLouis64 said he’ll be tracking the amount of calories he burns while working his way through the game, and we’re curious to see what the total comes to. The one minute clip alone was exhausting to watch – and with all the towers to climb, shrines to unlock, and Divine Beasts to free before fighting Ganon, we can’t imagine how brutal the full game will be.

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