Redditor Discovers Hilarious Way To Deal With The Goblin Camp In Baldur’s Gate 3

A clever Reddit user has figured out a way to deal with the goblin camp at Selûne’s temple without having to ever lift a sword or cast a spell. The trick requires only a bottle of poison, some quick thinking, and a few lucky rolls.

The goblin camp is a major plot point in act one. No matter which path you follow you will almost certainly wind up having to deal with the goblin raiding party one way or another. Unless you decide to side with the goblins (or you’re land some extremely lucky rolls while talking to their leader) there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up fighting your way out of the camp after slaying goblin boss Dror Ragzlin.

This can be an exhausting, time-consuming battle against near-endless waves of goblins. Luckily, there’s a sneaky way to deal with the Goblins if you want to avoid the fight altogether.

When you first enter the camp the goblins are doing what goblins typically do: drinking and acting like fools. You may notice that most of the goblins have the “slightly drunk” status effect that gives them a disadvantage on certain rolls, and in fact, if you climb to the top of the temple you’ll find a group of goblins passed out with a bugbear. This is your first clue that there might be a way to deal with the goblins easier.

As u/ghostraptor626 demonstrated in their Reddit thread there is a booze tub near the stage where Volo performs that can be poisoned. By waiting for any nearby goblins to path away and then entering turn-based mode, you can have any of your characters combine a poison potion with the booze tub.

Upon exiting turn-based mode, a dialogue cutscene will play. It would be wise to use your sneakiest character (deception and sleight of hand proficiency) to poison the booze because you’ll need to pass a skill check during this dialogue. If you fail, the Goblins will make you take a drink first. It may be beneficial to take a potion of poison resist before attempting this plan.

Once the goblins drink they will all quickly be killed by the poison. You won’t get as much experience as you would be killing them all conventionally, but this method will save a lot of time and result in a really satisfying story beat.

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