Reduce The Loading Time Of Genshin Impact Test Runs By Starting Them In Diluc’s Tavern

Load times can be a drag in Genshin Impact, but a few crafty users on Reddit have discovered a way to reduce the wait and belt through those boring tool-tip screens. It’s no secret some devices do the game much better justice, but for adventurers on slower devices, Genshin Impact’s character tests can be a real pain and exercise in patience.

Mihoyo does us a bit of a solid before taunting broke players with more banners by letting us try out the characters in test runs from a special menu screen. Those test arenas even give special rewards, like much sought after primogems or experience boosts. Regardless of your interest in a new character, it’s wise to complete the trials for their spoils.

However, if you’re trying to hop in and out of those character tests from an old smartphone or slow PC, it’s a pain. Genshin Impact doesn’t take you back to the menu and instead drops travelers right back into the world to make sure everything takes that much longer. If you’ve waited until the last minute to do all of them from your phone as I do, it can be a bit of a time sink.

The Genshin Impact community on Reddit though always has a solution, and the first bit of advice is to find the smallest area you can to load back into after completing the test. In the post, they’ve suggested going to Mondstadt, dropping into Diluc’s tavern, and completing the character trials from there. Assuming you have several to do, it’s best to quickly complete them without leaving so you load in and out as fast as possible, then you can go back to your business in the big open world without long waits.

They also made a few other suggestions on locations, and honestly anywhere small should work just fine. So, the Liyue restaurants are also an option and Northland Bank. I can never locate that bank though given the millions of stairs, so I’ll just opt into hanging out at Diluc’s Tavern from my phone.

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