Reggie Fils-Amie Has Become The New Pope Meme

This is probably nothing new for the guy, but Reggie Fils-Amie has once again become a meme.

After creating such classic memes as “My body is ready” and “I Feel Just Like a Purple Pikmin,” Reggie’s face has basically been inserted into countless images and gifs to excite and amuse Nintendo fans, and also to sow woe amongst Mother fans.

And now, he’s once again gracing social media as a brand new meme that evolved from another meme about the Pope.

Reggie has embraced his meme status and continues to play with fans on Twitter, such as his most recent retweet. “Getting ready for Age of Calamity,” wrote Reggie in response to a user posting a four-panel image that when arranged on Twitter makes it look like he’s holding up the Guardian Egg from the upcoming Zelda game.

We’re still not sure what that egg-shaped object even is. It could be a narrative partner like Fi or Navi, or it might be the source of Stasis and other Sheikah Slate abilities. Or it might just be a cool little NPC.

What we do know is that the meme format follows the same four-panel Pope meme that has cropped up over the past week. Three images of Pope Francis are arranged such that it appears as though the Pope is holding up some sacred object, usually to humorous effect.

This itself evolved from another meme called the “Did it work?” meme, which also took advantage of Twitter’s four-image cap to create humorous composites.

Meanwhile Mother 3 fans are using the new Reggie meme to voice their displeasure that their game is still not released in North America. Not that it’s even up to Reggie at this point.

The most recent Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity trailer shows us the Yiga clan and their mysterious leader, Kohga. Check it out here before the new Hyrule Warriors arrives on November 20.

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