Report: Apple Considering Monthly Gaming Subscription Service

While Google is making waves in the gaming market with its Stadia streaming service, another tech giant is also looking how it can expand within the space: Apple.

Bloomberg reports the company, who is looking for new ways to capitalize on its enormous install base as its hardware sales begin to slow down, may reveal new subscription services to keep users spending after they’ve invested in their Apple hardware, and this could include a gaming subscription service.

The service would be less Stadia and more Xbox Games Pass. It would take several paid games (so no free-to-play games like Fortnite) on its iPhone and iPad app stores and bundle them together every month for a flat fee, letting users slowly build a library of games they don’t own. The service would pay out to developers based on the amount of time players spend with their games.

According to Bloomberg, Apple could announce the service as early as this Monday, March 25. We’ll see if that’s the case. The company is also expected to roll out new video and news subscription services at that time, which makes a gaming subscription seem likely.

[Source: Bloomberg via Eurogamer]

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