Resident Evil 4 Remake Is Getting Rid Of Quick Time Events

Resident Evil 4's remake is making some big changes, ditching quick time events, implementing entire side quests, and making knives breakable.

QTEs are going out of the window because Capcom believes they are an "antiquated" game mechanic, and so they are being swapped out for a more modernised triple-A survival horror approach (as reported by Games Informer via GamesRadar).

QTEs can be seen in a few different places throughout Resident Evil 4. You have to frantically tap a button to sprint away from danger, press the left and right bumpers to crouch just in time to dodge attacks, and usually square or X to climb up ledges. The most noticeable change in losing QTEs will be in knife fights where now you'll have to parry rather than mash your way out of a bind.

If you use your knives too much, however, they'll break, taking notes from Resident Evil 2's own remake. So, you probably don't want to get into too many of these shake-offs, or you'll run the risk of haemorrhaging knives until you're left stranded in a lake without a paddle. A lake that unfortunately houses Del Lago. Shoot it a few times before you get in the boat, trust me.

There are also tweaks to Ashley Graham, the president's daughter who we are sent to rescue. Instead of having a health bar, Ashley will get "downed" if hit too much, leaving you to pick her back up. That should make things less tedious, but you can also ask her to keep a distance while you clear rooms. The one thing you can't do is have her hide.

And while QTEs are being removed, Capcom is adding something entirely new to Resident Evil 4 with side quests. They'll appear on the map as blue flyers. These vary from solving puzzles to delivering corpses to putting infected dogs out of their misery, which is fairly bleak (especially when there's no sign of our dog pal).

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