Resident Evil spirits coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate – is a Resi fighter next?

Nintendo is adding a host of Resident Evil characters to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but is that a prelude to an actual fighter?

A bunch of Resident Evil characters are to be added as spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Friday, 29 November and fans naturally suspect that means that a fighter might follow soon after.

Spirits are collectible trophies that can be used to power-up fighters in the game and give them special abilities or weapons. They’re really just bits of 2D artwork and most of them are based on franchises connected to the various fighters in the game, but there are also some based on more obscure games that don’t have an associated fighter.

However, that’s generally only for Nintendo games, so to suddenly find out that Resident Evil characters are being added to the game is very suspicious. Especially given Nintendo is expected to announce the fifth DLC character very soon (probably at The Game Awards on 13 December).

The Resident Evil spirits will be added this Friday (Black Friday) and will temporarily replace the current Pokémon spirits, which also seems an odd way to do it.

It’s ostensibly to promote the various Resident Evil games that are now available on the Switch, which now includes all the numbered entries except 2, 3, and 7.

Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Albert Wesker will be amongst the spirits included and as tempting as it is it to imagine they’re a prelude to a Resident Evil fighter that’s now how any of the previous DLC characters have been added.

Capcom characters Ryu and Ken, and a bunch of Street Fighter spirits, are already in the game, so given the two companies’ close relationship adding a few Resident Evil ones wouldn’t have involved much red tape.

For now, it’s best to take this at face value, and assume it’s just a one-off promotion, but we’re sure nobody would object if a fighter was added later on. Especially as Nintendo has said there’ll be more than just the initial five DLC additions.

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