Resident Evil Village artwork suggests who the villain might be

A new piece of key art on Resident Evil Village’s Steam page suggests Chris Redfield, the long-time series protagonist, might not be entirely himself anymore. SteamDB shows a peculiar page update that includes the artwork in question.

Potential spoilers for Resident Evil Village are coming, so beware reading the below materials if you want to go into the game fresh.

According to SteamDB, there was an update to Resident Evil Village’s Steam page, specifically a client icon of Chris Redfield looking slightly more hairy than usual. Check the picture out for yourself below.

The new key art sure suggests that Chris is now a werewolf, goofy as that may sound. However, we’ve known werewolves are among the beasties you’ll grapple with during Resident Evil Village for some time now. They were in the announcement trailer, after all. Nobody could’ve guessed, though, that Resident Evil’s poster boy might be among them.

However, this image could be a bait and switch. Capcom teased Jill Valentine’s death in Resident Evil 5 in the lead-up to that game’s release. Similarly, Resident Evil: Revelations had a trailer where Chris looked like the villain. In both instances, it was marketing material fake-outs. There’s a precedent with this series of teasing events or scenarios that don’t come to fruition.

SteamDB is also a public-friendly facing site, so Capcom likely knows fans would find that image quickly. It’s impossible to say if this is a ruse or not, currently. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Capcom will keep us guessing until the game is in our hands.

Resident Evil Village doesn’t have a firm release date yet, still tentatively listed as a 2021 release right now. However, Capcom launched Resident Evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 remake in January 2017 and 2019 respectively. So here’s to hoping that a similar pattern plays out for Resident Evil Village.

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