Resident Evil Village Fan Recreates Dimitrescu Castle In Minecraft

Love it or not, the most recent entry in the Resident Evil series gave everyone one thing to obsess over: House Dimitrescu. From the larger-than-life Lady D to the Dracula-esque castle, it is hard to deny the draw of that bloodsucking family. In fact, the Dimitrescu Castle is so popular that someone has decided to painstakingly recreate it in Minecraft.

Found under the official Minecraft Reddit, user hibreck posted several images of their pixelated recreation of Castle Dimitrescu. The photos show off an impressive build of the game’s ominous castle. It is complete with textured outer walls, creepy shadow effects, and an overall massive presence as it looms atop a mountain. In fact, it takes a good hard look to realize that the building is actually made of thousands of tiny blocks and not the one from RE8.

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A quick peek at the comments under the post show that everyone is equally impressed with the creator’s attention to detail and their commitment. In fact, one comment asks the poster how they were able to create this impressive build when they struggle with simple buildings. The poster was quick with a response acknowledging that it takes “desire and patience”, along with a lot of practice.

The castle is part of an ongoing project the creator is doing for Resident Evil Village, though they didn’t elaborate on what kind of project it is. Hopefully, we will be getting some of the other iconic locations from the game like House Beneviento and Heisenberg’s Factory. Unfortunately, my own Minecraft building skills are nonexistent, so I have to live vicariously through people with actual talent.

Over the years, Minecraft has become the go-to place for people to show their love for other games and media. Recently, someone made a playable version of The Legend of Zelda. There are also tons of in-game creations similar to this Village, such as Bloodborne’s Yharnam.

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