Rihanna’s Superbowl Halftime Show Is Being Compared To A Smash Bros. Stage

One of the biggest spectacles of the year just took place. Thousands gathered in the State Farm Stadium, and millions tuned in via their TVs from across the globe to witness Rihanna's performance. There were also some dudes running around with an egg, and a lot of ads for some reason. Anyway, Rihanna's performance took place on an elaborate stage with platforms that could be raised and lowered.

Viewers were visibly pumped up by this sudden burst of entertainment during a match between that place from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and that city from The Last of Us' latest episode. Especially because those platforms suspended in mid-air reminded viewers of something – a stage from Super Smash Bros. Was Super Bowl 2023 an elaborate reveal for Rihanna as the next fighter to come to Smash Bros. Ultimate? It certainly looked that way.

To add to this, all of the supporting dancers were dressed in thick hoodies which kind of made them look like Shy Guys. All that was missing was Snake firing a rocket at her, or Captain Falcon charging at her for a Falcon Punch. Twitter is filled with people making comparisons between the setup for her performance and a stage in a Smash Bros. game.

Most Tweets simply included images, or some extra effort with photoshopped characters. However, one dedicated fan went the extra mile and layered the Smash Bros. music and pre-match countdown onto a short clip. They also gave RiRi a health bar, thumbnail, and all the works. Unfortunately, Masahiro Sakurai previously said that no more characters will be coming to the game, but surely Nintendo can make an exception for Rihanna – and they better use an umbrella in some capacity.

Her performance was something that a lot of people were clearly looking forward to, so much so that HBO was considerate enough to stream episode five of The Last of Us a few days earlier, on Friday.

Joking aside, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles by 38-35. Patrick Mahomes, that guy from Fortnite, played an integral part in winning Super Bowl 57 for the Chiefs.

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