Risk Of Rain 2: 10 Tips For Playing The Commando

The Commando is the first character you’ll be playing in Risk of Rain 2 and if you’ve been checking out the tier charts, you’ll see that not many people find a need to ever move on from him. With a great combination of mobility, damage, and range, you might think he’s a jack-of-all-trades but master of none.

In practice, he’s a master of each of these areas. The right build and gameplay make him a dominant force in the character menu. Experts have poured hundreds of hours into the game and still insist on the Commando. They know a few tricks of the trade to take this character from rookie learning experience to fiercest force in the universe.

10 Hold On To Double Tap

Yes, if you hold on to your primary shot, the target bloom area will gradually get wider. And sometimes it’s necessary at extremely long distances to wait for a second to reset your fire.

But your goal needs to be getting in just close enough so that most of your shots land. Just remember that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so every second not shooting is another second that your enemies survive for.

9 Get In Close

It’s not mentioned in the tooltip, but your damage falloff with the Commando starts at 25 meters. This doesn’t mean you have to play in melee range like the Mercenary, but you will want to be doing your shooting from close up.

It’s a matter of finding your sweet spot in that midrange. Keep an eye on what your highest number is when you fire. If the number dips, take another step forward. If enemies get close, take a step back. You want to really learn exactly what 24 meters looks like in the game.

8 Choosing Phase Blast Over Phase Round

Despite a slight damage boost to Phase  Round in recent patches, the community has recognized that Phase Blast is the superior choice. You’ll be in relatively close range anyway, so don’t worry too much about the bullet spread.

They both have three-second cooldowns, but Phase Rounds do 300% damage while Phase Blasts do 8 times 200% damage for a total of 1,600% if you land all of your shots. Even if you only land two of them, you’ll be better off.

7 Make Your Secondary Attack Part Of Your Rotation

Regardless of which of the two abilities you choose, use it every time it’s off of cooldown. Your Double Tap with its 2 times 90% damage is just fine, but it’s not going to touch on Phase Round or Phase Blast. The move also resets your Double Tap back to perfect accuracy even if you’ve been firing it nonstop.

Damage numbers aside, these moves will hit harder against bosses and waves of units, due to their firing pattern, so if you need to win a big battle or thin out the numbers in an onslaught, you’ll be rewarded if you use your secondary at every opportunity.

6 Using The Tactical Dive/Slide To Escape

The Tactical Slide is the upgraded version on the Tactical Dive since you can fire while sliding and everything else is identical. However, even if you have that ability, you probably want to use the move to get out of combat more than you would to get into it.

Limited by a four-second cooldown, if you jump into combat this way, you’re stuck there for four seconds. You can always go slowly in, but you can’t always slowly get out. So save your mobility burst for moments of survival.

5 Using Suppressive Fire

There isn’t a consensus on the Commando’s final ability. If you like one or the other, go with it. The tooltip is confusing, but Suppressive Fire unleashes a bunch of bullets at an increased rate that improves along with your attack speed.

This is essentially no different than an accelerated Double Tap, but if you’re building around your attack speed, then this is an absolute boss killer that won’t interrupt your regular rotation. The stun is neat in a pinch, too.

4 Using Frag Grenade

While this move doesn’t scale late game like Suppressive Fire, it gives you a new move to deal with large groups that still does a great amount of damage to bosses if you get the timing and aim down.

The center of the blast will deal 700% damage and all other enemies will take 175% damage. The utility on this move is great and if you find yourself getting frequently overwhelmed, go ahead and make the switch to Frag Grenade.

3 Don’t Mozy On The Ground

It’s a bad habit that gamers have developed from other games to automatically assume that, unless you’ve got a special move, you should stay on the ground for better accuracy. Accuracy is not altered by jumping in this game.

In addition to staying mobile and being harder to hit, the Commando’s firing rate gives him a reason to stay in the air. Feel free to use your Dive or Slide to strafe around as well. This move will also prevent fall damage if you use it just before colliding with the surface.

2 Slow And Steady

Many have soured on the Commando because other characters have moves that scale better. The Commando is more well-rounded and this is seen as a problem when being compared to other characters with glaring weaknesses and obvious strengths.

Yet there are plenty of streamers who push the stages ahead and they do it by playing slow and steady. They kill what they can and run away from what they can’t. In the later rounds, dip a toe into combat, but don’t do more than that.

1 The Best Items

The good news is that because the Commando does a little bit of everything, the Commando can use almost every item effectively. That being said, attack speed and crit will scale better than other stats for you. Here are a few items to have circled:

  • Soldier’s Syringe – Increases attack speed by 15%. This boosts your Suppressive Fire as well.
  • Tri-Tip Dagger – 15% chance to bleed an enemy for 240% damage. You’ll be firing a lot, so enemies will be bleeding a lot.
  • Predatory Instincts – 5% chance to crit, crits increase attack speed by 12%. This only stacks three times, but giving the Commando 36% increased attacks speed is plenty absurd enough.

Have a blast making this introductory hero a force to be reckoned with!

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