Roblox: Blox Fruits Leveling Guide

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Like any typical exploration-based RPG, you can gain experience in Blox Fruits. This One Piece-inspired Roblox game allows you to travel to new islands while leveling up and becoming stronger. If you are wanting to level up quickly, you've come to the right place.

In this guide, we are going to go over some of the best ways to level up quickly. While holding a strong fruit can make you more powerful, you will also need to be strong without the fruit. First, let's take a look at the best way to quickly gain experience.

Blox Fruit Codes

Similar to other games on Roblox, you will be able to use codes in Blox Fruits. These codes will provide you with free experience, as well as periods of time when all of your gained experience is doubled.

If you want to use a code to boost the amount of experience you get, be sure to check out our Blox Fruits code guide. This guide updates frequently with new codes and notes if any expire.

Completing Quests

This may be a bit obvious, but you will also want to complete as many quests as you can. When you complete a quest, you will gain experience. Completing quests is also the bread and butter of the game, providing new experiences and places to visit.

After getting to a new location, search for any quest givers in the area. Even if the quest is quite small, it's best to complete it.

Traveling To New Locations

This goes hand-in-hand with completing quests. Once you finish all the quests on an island, explore new locations! You will find new areas that have even more quests for you to complete.

Traveling is essential in Blox Fruits, so try not to stay in one place for too long. If an island has nothing for you anymore, it's time to set sail.

Fighting Bosses

From time to time, you will come across bosses. These are strong enemies that will drop a lot of experience when defeated. Additionally, they may even drop unique or rare items.

Below, you can find every boss, along with their level.

LocationBosses Found Here
First Sea
  • Gorilla King (25)
  • Bobby (55)
  • Yeti (110)
  • Mob Leader (120)
  • Vice Admiral (130)
  • Warden (175)
  • Saber Expert (200)
  • Chief Warden (200)
  • Swan (225)
  • Magma Admiral (350)
  • Fishman Lord (425)
  • Wysper (500)
  • Thunder God (575)
  • Cyborg (675)
  • Ice Admiral (700)
Second Sea
  • Diamond (750)
  • Jeremy (850)
  • Fajita (925)
  • Don Swan (1000)
  • Smoke Admiral (1150)
  • Awakened Ice Admiral (1400)
  • Tide Keeper (1475)
Third Sea
  • Stone (1550)
  • Island Empress (1675)
  • Kilo Admiral (1750)
  • Captain Elephant (1875)
  • Beautiful Pirate (1950)
  • Longma (2000)
  • Cake Queen (2175)
  • The Saw (100)
  • Greybeard (750)
  • Dark Beard (1000)
  • Order (1250)
  • Cursed Captain (1325)
  • Soul Reaper (2100)
  • Cake Prince (2300)
  • Dough King (2300)
  • Sea Beast

Although it may be tempting, try to battle bosses within your level range. Defeating a boss that's way under your level will not be efficient, while attempting to defeat a boss with a level way higher than your own may end in your defeat.

Match Your Level To The Islands

By matching your level to the islands, we mean exploring islands similar to your level. Above, we mentioned that it's best to defeat bosses similar to your own level; this goes for exploration as well.

Islands have level requirements, which means that your exploration will be useless if you aren't at the target level. On the other hand, being overleveled will not be as effective for gaining experience and leveling up.

Below, you can find a list of locations and their associated levels. If you are just starting out, we recommend exploring in the order listed.

SeaIsland And Level
First Sea
  • Starter Island (0 to 10)
  • Jungle (15 to 30)
  • Pirate Village (30 to 60)
  • Desert (60 to 90)
  • Middle Island (100)
  • Frozen Village (90 to 120)
  • Marine Fortress (120 to 150)
  • Skylands (150 to 200)
  • Prison (150 to 275)
  • Colosseum (225 to 300)
  • Magma Village (300)
  • Underwater City (375 to 475)
  • Fountain City (625 to 700)
Second Sea
  • Cafe (Safe Zone)
  • Usoap's Island (700)
  • Kingdom of Rose (700 to 875)
  • Green Zone (875 to 950)
  • Graveyard Island (950 to 1000)
  • Mansion (1000)
  • Dark Arena (1000)
  • Snow Mountain (1000 to 1100)
  • Hot and Cold (1100 to 1250)
  • Cursed Ship (1250 t0 1350)
  • Ice Castle (1350 to 1425)
  • Forgotten Island (1425 to 1500)
Third Sea
  • Castle on the Sea (Safe Zone)
  • Port Town (1500 to 1575)
  • Hydra Island (1575 to 1700)
  • Great Tree (1700 to 1775)
  • Floating Turtle (1775 to 2000)
  • Haunted Castle (1975 to 2075)
  • Sea of Treats (2075 to 2400)

Overall, if you complete quests while going through the list of locations above, you should easily be able to level up. With an experience boosting code, you should be able to efficiently get to max level, which is 2400.

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