Roblox: How To Get The Dark Defender In Mining Simulator 2

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Rumble Studios has recently released a huge update in Roblox's Mining Simulator 2 which includes a brand-new time-limited island, fishing, new ores, new pets, mini-games, and many other interesting and unique activities. In the first part, you can hatch eggs on the Surfing Egg or the Infernal Egg in exchange for Coins or Tickets (new time-limited currency).

Dark Defender is a secret time-limited pet in the game that looks absolutely amazing. It can only be acquired during the Summer Event, and since it's secret, it doesn't appear anywhere in particular for you to just go and try to get it. It is an extremely hard pet to acquire, but some tips can definitely make it a little easier.

Where To Find The Dark Defender

For the first part of the summer event, two different eggs have been released on the Summer Fair Island, where you can hatch a huge variety of pets. One of these is the Infernal Egg, where a pet can be hatched for ten tickets. This is where Dark Defender can be found.

This pet is not actually shown when you are on the hatching screen, hence it being a secret. There is also an extremely minuscule chance of actually getting the pet: a one in 20 million chance. Once you acquire it, you'll get a special shoutout in the chat as well.

To get more tickets for actually being able to hatch an egg, you can simply fish on the new island. Fishes provide you around 80 to 5,000 tickets depending on the rarity of the fish. Further, you can also head over to the new mine and look for new ores like Clam Shells, Starfish, Sand Dollar, and Aquamarine.

How To Hatch Dark Defender Fast

While you still have to be extremely lucky to get this pet, there are a few ways you can at least make the process faster and have a higher chance of acquiring it.

  • You can use various different Lucky Boosts that increase your chance of getting Dark Defender. There are three types of luck boost in the game at the moment, namely: Omega Lucky Boost, Super Lucky Boost, and Lucky Boost.
  • There are certain upgrades you can acquire which will help you hatch more eggs at the same time and increase the speed of your hatching process. These can be acquired using Gems or Robux from Gem Enchant and Shop respectively.
  • There is a little 'cog' logo on the top-right when you're on the hatching screen. Head over to this setting, and you can turn off the rarities of eggs that you don't desire. You're going to get a lot of low-rarity eggs, and it will fill up your inventory. This way, they will get auto-deleted, and you won't have to keep wasting precious time removing them.

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