Roblox: How To Get Unobtanium In Mining Simulator 2

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The world of Roblox's Mining Simulator 2 is filled with a huge variety of ores, each with different ways to get them. Unobtanium is the third-rarest ore in The Overworld, and it has multiple uses.

Apart from being required for various enchantments, Unobtanium also sells for a decent amount of coins, especially after you rebirth a couple of times. Obtaining Unobtanium isn't an easy task though.

Where To Find Unobtanium

The main use of this ore is to get enchantments on your tools, which can provide you more strength and speed, and duplicate your ores, and your bag, which can increase your inventory space

Unobtanium has a blinding purple shimmer to it, and it's very hard to miss once you come across one. To get a chance at finding Unobtanium, you will first need to unlock The Underworld, which is the second-last section of The Overworld mine, among a total of seven.

Once you're on this outpost, start digging deeper until you reach the depth of around 1,500 meters, which is where you can start finding Unobtanium.

The ore is far more common once you reach Crystal Cavern and dig below. If you have the required tools and bag space, it is recommended to start in the last area of the mine.

While you can unlock The Underworld or Crystal Cavern at the start by following a path created by someone else, you still won't be able to get Unobtanium if you don't have the required tools. Lack of inventory space can also make it really hard.

How To Farm Unobtanium Fast

One Unobtanium ore can be sold for a starting rate of 35,000 coins. While this is a decent price, some special upgrades and tactics can make it much faster to farm this, and more rewarding for you.

It is recommended to get as many pets as you can, of the highest rarity possible. If you have a bunch of currency and nothing to save it for, go ahead and mass-hatch the best egg you can. Pets can give you a speed boost and farm more blocks at the same time.

You can also enchant the Ore Duplicator on your tool to get more ore whenever you farm one block. You'll require some Chromite to enchant this fully, but even the first two enchantments help a lot as they give you three ores every time you farm an Unobtanium block.

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