Rocket League: Tips For Beginners Who Have No Idea How To Play

Rocket League is basically car soccer and it is a popular game because of its gameplay and mechanics. However, beginners to this game can be a bit confused and frustrated, especially if they have no idea what they are doing. Luckily, there are a few things that can make this game enjoyable, even for the worst gamer on the planet.

You should understand the basics of the game itself, as well as the controls and setting adjustments that can make you better. This guide lays it all out so you can start on your journey to becoming the best Rocket League player of all time!

5 Controls

This game can be played on the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch, but each one has different controls. You can reassign buttons based on your own preferences, but the basic assignments work well for beginners.

The  controls are as follows (PlayStation/Xbox/PC/Switch):

  • Accelerate: R2/RT/W/ZR
  • Reverse: L2/LT/S/ZL
  • Steer: L/L/A,D/L
  • Jump: X/A/Right-Mouse/B
  • Boost: Circle/B/Left-Mouse/A
  • Powerslide: Square/X/Shift/Y
  • Air Steer/Pitch: L/L/W,A,S,D/L
  • Air Roll: Square/X/Shift/Y
  • Voice Chat: R1/RB/F/R
  • Focus On Ball: Triangle/Y/Space/X

4 Adjust Your Settings

The settings you start out with at the beginning of the game are decent, but many have played with the settings and found the perfect combination you should be using. You don’t have to change these settings at the start of the game, although it doesn’t hurt to give yourself an edge from the start, especially when playing split-screen.

All of these changes can be made by going into your settings menu and selecting the correct tab to make these changes. There are other settings as well where you can change your quick-chat menu and bindings, but these can be played around with later.


You can either manually change the settings or choose the Wide-Angle preset, as both are very similar in their composition.

  • Field of View: 110
  • Distance: 270
  • Height: 100
  • Angle: -4
  • Stiffness: 0.5
  • Camera Shake: Off


The Video settings are for PCs only, as Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch don’t provide these options to players.

  • Texture Detail: Quality or Performance
  • Max FPS: 120 or 240
  • Particle Detail: Performance
  • World Detail: Quality or Performance
  • Transparent Goalposts: On
  • Render Quality: High Quality (if your machine can handle it)
  • Uncheck all other boxes


  • Nameplate Scale: 130
  • Nameplate Mode: Default
  • Team-Colored Boost Meter: On

3 Use The Training Scenarios

There are several training scenarios that you can use to become better at this sports game. It is best to go through at least the tutorial before jumping into a match as it will help you understand the basic mechanics and concept of the game. The more you play the better you will become, and even spending just ten minutes in training can help you excel.

The various scenarios are as follows:

  • Freeplay
  • Aerial
  • Custom
  • Goalie
  • Striker
  • Tutorial

2 Basic Movement Mechanics

While you know the basic controls, whether it be a limited edition controller or PC, that you have to press to perform standard car functions, like accelerating, braking, and power-sliding, there are some other movement mechanics you should be aware of.


If you tap your jump button twice it will perform a double jump that can give you a bit more air time. You can use this skill to block balls heading for the top of the goal.


Flipping is performed when you press a direction on your steering mechanism and double-tap your jump button at the same time. Your car will flip forward and this is a useful skill to know in any situation. It is often used at kickoffs at the last second to ensure you are the one to hit the ball first. This skill is also used when you are out of boost and need to get back to the goal in a hurry.


A demolition is when you blow up someone else’s car, and all you have to do is save up your boost and run into another car while going full speed. The impact will cause them to explode and respawn beside their goal, but it can give you a few seconds of an opponent-free field.

Basic Aerial

A basic aerial is performed by jumping, tilting your car back 45 degrees, and holding down your boost button all at the same time. This will cause your car to soar across the field, but this isn’t a skill that new players understand how to use. However, you may come across it here and there and it is more something to be aware of rather than something you want to use yourself when starting out.

1 A Few Beginner Tips To Keep In Mind

Now that you understand the basics of the game itself, in terms of controls and gameplay. You already know that your job is to prevent the other team from scoring and for you to put the ball in your opponent’s goal. There are a few other tips to keep in mind as well before hopping into a match for the first time that will help you find success early on.

Save Your Boost For The Right Moments

There is boost all around the field, but make sure to use it sparingly as it runs out faster than you think. You want to save it for balls that come across the goal that you need to reach or if you need to rush back to your own goal.

Once you learn how to perform aerials it becomes even more important as its conservation will be necessary to compete with higher-level players, especially since it is crossplay.

Give Yourself Some Slack

One thing to keep in mind is that it is your first time playing and some have been crushing it in this game for years. It takes time, patience, and practice to become one of the best, so give yourself some slack before giving up on it. Some can feel discouraged when they fail to even hit the ball with their car, but this is normal and shouldn’t dissuade you from playing and picking up another game instead.

Rotations Are Everything

If you have never played a game of soccer in your life then you won’t understand the importance of rotations. Your goal is to spread the field if you are playing with other competitors. It can be tempting to chase the ball from left to right, but instead of doing this, you want to loop back toward the goal and wait until the ball enters your zone.

Your Car Design Can Make A Slight Difference

The design of your car does matter when playing this game, but not enough to truly alter your gameplay. The hitboxes are slightly different so keep this in mind when choosing which car you want to use. It also might be a good idea to try out a few and decide which one you like the best.

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