Rockstar Games leak gives gamers hope of a GTA 6 announcement in 2020

Grand Theft Auto 5 might still be riding high 6 years on from release and topping charts like it was still fresh out of release, but we all know that most fans are dying to get their hands on what Rockstar Games have planned next.

We've mentioned previously this week when we believe we're most likely going to see a GTA 6 release date announcement.

And we even think it could could at some point in 2020 with a possible 2021 holiday release on the cards.

But between now and whenever Rockstar Games does choose to reveal their next big Grand Theft Auto game, you'll likely see a lot of rumours, leaks, speculation and "insiders' writing on a variety of social media sites.

Whenever we do choose to write about these cases on Daily Star, we'll always advise people take everything with a pinch of salt.

Sometimes, more microscopic levels of salt than others, in fact.

But here's the thing, you can't always discount a rumour, no matter how bonkers it might sound.

If you're wondering why, well, this week we stumbled upon a very good reason.

When will GTA 6 release?


It's well documented that prior to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 the games map was leaked online. We're not going to rake over those coals again

However, what we didn't realise was that a lot of key details about the game had also been revealed on Reddit.

And ironically from a source that couldn't have sounded more made up if you actively tried.

In a post on Dualshockers by Ben Walker – a Daily Star and longtime contributor to Rockstar Intel – it's revealed that the Reddit post from 2016 revealed a flurry of leaked information before it was officially announced by Rockstar. Some parts incredibly specific as well.

"Even at the time of the announcement, aficionadi of the franchise had only gotten a few teases and an underwhelming trailer for the game with absolutely no story details," explained Walker.

"So, it was safe to say that some random post on Reddit with no proof or credibility should probably be taken with a grain of salt. However, the original poster ended up deleting his/her account on the simple fact that no one would believe them.

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Though the Redditor used a username like “u/reddeadinsider” which sounds about as on the nose as possible, the post did accurately predict a whole manner of details.

For instance, the name of the protagonist (Arthur), the Pinkerton spy in your gang, members names from the Van der Linde gang ("Abigail, Little Jack, Marston") even the mini-game where you help a mare give birth.

Despite this, the post was largely derided at the time by Red Dead fans, and though the original post has since been deleted, Walker was able to find another Redditor (below) who recalled the original rumour.

“I know this isn’t much of a source, but I do actually remember when this was posted. I lurk on the sub a lot, and I pretty clearly remember this getting posted and a lot of people shitting on it because it sounded ridiculous. This was well before the initial announcement and might have been a similar time to when the map leaked? But I do very clearly remember reading this post, being weirded out by the mare birthing minigame, being disappointed (and a bit put off) by the “development hell” claim, and being confused by what “vertical slice” meant.”

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So what are we trying to get at? Well, it's relatively simple really.

As we mention there will be a lot of GTA 6 rumours doing the rounds this year, just like the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles too.

But whilst it's important to scrutinise every rumour, leak and shared tidbit online, sometimes it's impossible to truly discern the most outlandish theory with something that, actually, turns out to be bang on the money.

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