Rockstar Will "Resolve" GTA Online Exploits In Security-Related Update

Last week, reports surfaced of a new exploit hitting GTA Online players. The exploit allowed hackers to execute code remotely and gain access to players’ accounts, letting them mess with stats, corrupt accounts, and ultimately get players banned from the game. Worse, the exploit doesn’t necessarily need to stop at GTA Online, opening up a player’s hardware to infection by malware.

At the time it was recommended that players only access GTA Online using a firewall or avoid the game altogether. Those recommendations will remain in place as Rockstar notified users today that it’s working on a fix, but it’s not ready to roll out quite yet.

"We are aware of potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC," Rockstar Support wrote on Twitter, "which we aim to resolve in an upcoming planned security-related Title Update."

There were no details on when the security update will go live, but Rockstar asked fans affected by the exploit to report the issue on the official Rockstar Support page here. In the meantime, keep your heads down and avoid any suspicious figures, which is probably everyone given how GTA Online operates.

Rockstar is taking flack not just for a dangerous exploit on GTA Online but also for releasing the broken GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition on Steam last week. All three games are currently sitting at "mixed" reviews, with most complaints focusing on how the remasters are worse than the original games that can no longer be found on the platform. Crashes, poor performance, and other technical glitches are common, with fans saying it was inappropriate of Rockstar to release Definitive Edition in its current state.

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