Rumour: Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Don your space helmet, throw your friends around with biotic force, and punch a journalist in the face, Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered news is apparently coming tomorrow.

The Mass Effect Trilogy consists of three of the best RPGs ever made, offering up a spacefaring adventure where your choices carry across three games. According to a black market dealer we know (some game journalists on Twitter), there’s an announcement coming tomorrow for a full remaster.

Set phasers to fun and mark your calendar for 8am (PT) tomorrow when there’s going to be an official announcement on the BioWare Blog.

We don’t have any details on what the remaster will feature, but expect bumped resolutions and improved frame rates as a minimum. With us being so close to next-gen, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see more improvements beyond those. In my dreams, the first Mass Effect has been rebuilt in the Mass Effect 2 engine, the shooting has been improved, and there are ray-traced reflections all over my shiny spacesuit.

Why tomorrow? Well, it’s N7 Day – November 7, and also a vocational code in the Alliance Military in Mass Effect lore – which is an annual celebration of the franchise for all Mass Effect fans. We’ve already been told that the Mass Effect cast will be reuniting for the stream so it’s safe to expect a bombshell or two.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could be the name of the remaster, since a game by that name was recently rated in Korea.

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