Rune Factory 4 Special: Monster Farming Guide

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While the focus of Rune Factory 4 is undoubtedly the growing and harvesting of crops and flowers, it's also possible to turn your farm into a ranch by taming and recruiting monsters. These handy critters have a few uses – they can help out on the farm or even in the field.

With such a huge range of monsters in the game, it can be very useful to know how to pick out the best ones. While trial and error is one method you could use, it's far more efficient to know in advance what monsters are worth bringing to the farm.

How To Tame Monsters

In order to tame a monster, you must first meet two requirements:

  1. You must have a monster barn on your farm.
  2. You must have space for a monster in your monster barn.

You can build monster barns with orders in the castle's main room. At the beginning of the game you can build a maximum of two monster barns and they will each hold four monsters. Eventually, you will unlock the option to expand your farm with an order that adds a new field – each new field can hold two monster barns.

Monster barns themselves can also be expanded with orders.

Taming monsters is a relatively simple ordeal. When in the field, just throw an item at them – they will get a speech bubble above their head with a heart inside it. It will grow larger gradually until it either becomes a skull or a gigantic heart.

If the heart becomes a skull, you have failed and must try again. If it becomes a very large heart, on the other hand, you have successfully tamed the monster and will be prompted to name it. They will be added to your party automatically, though you can talk to them to send them back to your farm.

Here are some monster taming tips:

  • You can use the brush or a Love affinity weapon on a monster to increase the chances that a taming attempt will be successful. This is useful when your item reserves are low.
  • While monsters all have some favorite items that you can use to really increase your chance of success, you do not need to use them. You can use Medicinal Herbs or even Colored Grasses and still be successful.
  • Bosses can be tamed upon rematch, but they require specific items.
  • Your level matters when trying to tame monsters. The higher your level is, the better your chance at taming success – try leveling up if you keep failing.

Taking Care Of Monsters

To take care of your monsters, you will need to feed them and brush them every day. Brushing them is as simple as going up to them with the brush tool and pressing the action button on them – they'll get a bubble with a musical note or a heart in it to denote success.

There are two ways to feed your monsters. At first, you'll probably have to feed them all individually by gifting them food items. Once you have a Fodder Bin placed on your farm, however, you can simply put Fodder Grass into the bin. The monsters will eat this automatically instead. You will need one fodder per barn and any monster that you have put to work will require more.

You can buy Fodder Grass Seeds at the General Store.

What Monsters Can Do For You On The Farm

There are two things that monsters can do for you on the farm:

  1. Automate your farming.
  2. Produce items for you.

Once you have raised a monster's friendship level with you high enough you can set them to work on your farm. Every field is split into three sections and each monster can take care of one section.

When working a field, monsters will water any tilled soil patches and crops, and they will harvest crops at the end of the day and put them in the Shipping Box.

Monsters who are put to work will require more fodder and will also gradually lose health. Monsters at low health will show you their status with a scribble speech mark and refuse to work for you – there are three methods to deal with this:

  • Stop making them work until they recover their health.
  • Heal them manually with items such as Recovery Potions.
  • Heal them manually with healing spells. To do this, you will have to temporarily add the monster to your party and then use the spell.

Some monsters will also produce items for you, with the quality increasing as you increase your friendship with them. They will produce items once per day, even if they are currently set to working your fields. This is very useful for hoarding multiples of a certain item type, such as threads or furs.

A table of all possible monster produce is at the bottom of this article.

What Monsters Can Do For You In Battle

Monsters can be added to your party just like NPCs can, though you can only take two with you at a time. To do this, just interact with your target monster and select the option to take them with you. Different monsters will have different behaviors in the field, with some being more aggressive and effective than others.

Monsters level up along with you as you gain experience beating foes.

  • Monsters in your barns will earn 50 percent of your experience gains.
  • Monsters in your party will earn 100 percent of your experience gains.

You can also increase your monsters' stats by gifting them items. Their favorite items will provide larger boosts, but any item will work as long as it is not an item with negative effects, such as a Failed Dish.

Some monsters can be ridden – this will increase your speed and may unlock unique attacks. To ride a monster, interact with them in the field.

All Monster Produce

The table below will list all the items that can be produced by monsters. It will also list the item's classification and the monsters that produce it.

ProduceItem TypeMonstersMonster Locations
Bird's FeatherFeathersWeagleWater Ruins
Black Bird FeatherFeathersBlackbirdMaya Road, Rune Prana
Bull's HornSticks and StemsBuffalooDelirium Lava Ruins
Dangerous ScissorsClaws and FangsHeaven's ScissorsRune Prana


Selphia Plain, Cluck-Cluck Nest

Cluck-Cluck Nest

Fairy DustPowders and SporesFairySelphia Plain
Fairy ElixirPowders and SporesDark FairyFloating Empire
FurFursChipsqueekSelphia Plain
Fur (S) / (M) / (L)*FursShmooly


Sercerezo Hill

Selphia Plain

Gold Wolf FangClaws and FangsHunter WolfSechs Territory

Hornet Queen

King Bee

Yokmir Cave

Maya Road

Rune Prana

Insect CarapaceCloths and SkinsAntYokmir Forest
Insect HornSticks and StemsBeetleYokmir Forest, Selphia Plain
Milk (S) / (M) / (L) **DairyBuffamooSelphia Plain
Plant StemSticks and StemsFlower Lion

Leaf Ball

Delirium Lava Ruins

Yokmir Cave

Poison PowderPowders and SporesTricky MuckAutumn Road
Pretty CarapaceCloths and SkinsKiller AntYokmir Cave
Pretty ThreadStringsHell SpiderFloating Empire
Quality Puffy FurFursFurpyAutumn Road
Queen's JawClaws and FangsAnt QueenRune Prana
Rigid HornSticks and StemsHeraclesMaya Road
RootPowders and SporesFlower Blossom


Sercerezo Hill

Maya Road

Scorpion TailStringsDeath Stalker


Sercerezo Hill

Delirium Lava Ruins

Spider's ThreadStringsSpiderObsidian Mansion
SporePowders and SporesBig MuckSelphia Plain
Strong VineStringsFlower CrystalSechs Territory
Thunderbird FeatherFeathersThunderbirdFloating Empire
VineStringsFlower LilyAutumn Road
Wolf FangClaws and FangsSilver WolfAutumn Road

* Woolies will produce different size Fur depending on their friendship level. At five hearts they will start producing Medium Fur, and at eight hearts they will start producing Large Fur. Shmoolies will always produce Medium Fur.

** Buffamoos will produce different size Milks depending on their friendship level. At five hearts they will start producing Medium Milk, and at eight hearts they will start producing Large Milk.

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