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As a farming simulator, Rune Factory 5 does pretty well at teaching you the basics early on. The first few days are slow-going, likely following a steady pattern of slowly filling up the farm next to the Seed Headquarters – but what happens when you run out of room? It's quite a poky little patch of soil.

Where other games would give you a gigantic farm to work or multiple patches to discover in the wilderness, Rune Factory 5 gives you Farm Dragons. Yes, you read that correctly. Flying reptiles that don't mind you growing crops and keeping monsters on their backs.

Farm Dragon Overview

Farm Dragons are this game's answer to the space problem – instead of increasing the size of your farm, you get extra farms on the backs of these dragons. Just like the regular farm, Farm Dragons will spawn scattered branches and rocks that you can break down into Wood and Material Stone, and the soil can be worked in exactly the same manner.

To travel to a Farm Dragon, simply select it from the fast travel menu after opening the map. You could head there manually, but this is strictly unnecessary and wastes valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Farm Dragons are also the only places you can build Monster Barns, and they come with the benefit of allowing your monsters to do all the farming work for you! Check out our guide to monster taming here.

Interacting with the Farm Dragon itself (by walking over to its head) will allow you to feed it elemental crystals – each crystal has a certain effect:

Ventus CrystalThis will let you harvest more of the currently planted crops when it's time to harvest them.
Glacies CrystalThis will make it rain on the Farm Dragon for a few days, meaning you don't have to water the crops yourself.
Terra CrystalThis will expand the area of farmable soil on the current Farm Dragon.
Gaia CrystalThis will improve the health of the Farm Dragon's soil, as well as increase its damage resistance in the case of a typhoon.
Ignis CrystalThis will provide a growth buff to the Farm Dragon's soil, speeding up the rate at which the crops sown grow.

Note that there are Crystal Fragments and normal Crystals in the game. You can trade five Crystal Fragments to Heinz at the crystal shop for a full one, which you can then feed to a Farm Dragon.

How To Unlock Farm Dragons

There are five Farm Dragons in the game, and they are all acquired automatically once you progress to a certain point in the story. These are listed below:

Farm DragonWhen It Is Unlocked
Earth DragonAfter beating the boss of the Whispering Woods, the Nine-Tailed Fox.
Fire DragonAfter beating the boss of Kelve Lava Caves, Cerberus.
Water DragonAfter beating the boss of Meline Crystal Caves, the Kraken.
Wind DragonAfter beating the boss of the Depths of the Belpha Ruins, the Skull Dragon.
Terra DragonAfter beating the boss of the Thundering Wastes, Medusa.

You'll know that a Farm Dragon has been unlocked when a cutscene introducing the dragon occurs at the end of a boss battle. You will be able to warp to the dragon immediately, but you'll be able to find the glowing ropes that let you climb up to the dragons near the entrances to the dungeons that you need to complete to unlock them.

Rune Factory veterans may expect the various Farm Dragon types to be associated with certain seasons, like the additional farms in Rune Factory 4. This is not the case – the Farm Dragons follow the season of the normal farm.

How To Get Monsters To Work The Farm

Once you have monsters living on your farm, it is possible to get them to work for you! This is just one benefit – you can also fight alongside your monsters, and some of them will even produce items for you.

You will only be able to assign a monster work once it's grown close to you. You'll develop a friendship with a monster by interacting with it, petting it with the Brush tool, and giving it gifts. You can do each of these things daily.

Once you've reached friendship level three with a monster (as denoted by the hearts in the friendship tab of the main menu), you can assign it some work. All farms have three sections, and you can assign one monster to each section. Monsters will do the following:

  • Water any patches of tilled soil or growing crops.
  • Harvest any ripe crops and put them in the shipping bin.
    • They only do this at the end of the day, so if you have specific plans for crops, be sure to harvest them yourself.

    Monsters can also be set to purchase seeds and plant them automatically, but you need a, even higher friendship level to enable this option.

    Monsters will lose health gradually as they work and will eventually stop working. To solve this, you can either heal them with healing items or spells, or switch out the monsters you assign work in a rotation, so they all get a chance to heal up.

    They will only heal gradually when not working if you have plenty of Fodder in your Fodder Bins. Every Farm Dragon has a Fodder Bin installed automatically, but they are universal – you can put Fodder into one Bin and it'll feed every monster you have. Without Fodder, monsters won't gradually recover health when not working, and item-producing monsters will stop producing items.

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