RuneScape’s Awesome April Continues With Incentives For Dailies, Distractions, And Diversions

RuneScape is continuing the “Awesome April” festivities with incentives for Dailies, Distractions, and Diversions. Included in the week-long event are boosts to Player Owned Ports and free Daily Challenge Extensions, among several other buffs.

Whether you’re looking to go out on voyages or hack away at Evil Trees, this week comes with a variety of bonuses to keep you running around Gielinor. All the buffs and bonuses are related to the three D’s – Dailies, Distractions, and Diversions – so there’s bound to be something on the list that catches your eye.

Here are a few of the benefits offered during Week 3 of Awesome April.

  • Player Owned Ports see an additional 10 voyages per day.
  • Voyages return 30% more resources or trade goods.
  • Barmaid’s special voyage available throughout the weekend and on Thursday.
  • Rune Goldberg machine provides double the amount of Vis Wax.
  • Daily Challenges automatically extended for free.
  • Fight Bork twice a day.
  • Enter Phoenix Lair twice a day.
  • Explore Sinkholes three times a day.
  • Play Big Chincompa three times a day.
  • Numerous bonuses to Player Owned Farms, including increased animal sale cap.

That’s only a portion of all the benefits offered in RuneScape this week – a full list can be found here.

After cleaning up the Login Lockout debacle, RuneScape has been having quite the month. The team recently announced a mobile version will officially launch this Summer, offering player bonuses based on the game’s total pre-registration count. Rewards include new hairstyles, Scales the Dragon Pet, and the Crux Eqal Armor Set, among others.

Old School RuneScape is staying just as busy, with a recent survey seeking feedback on its Ranged Weapon Rebalancing plans. The Toxic Blowpipe is still the primary target of the rework, although Jagex said the changes need to be done to keep the game healthy and balanced.

RuneScape is available on PC and will officially launch on iOS and Android this summer.

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