RuneScape’s Mobile Launch Was So Successful That Its Servers Crashed

It looks like RuneScape is on track for a successful mobile launch, as players are already flocking to download the game – and wreaking havoc on its servers in the process. Jagex began rolling out the iOS and Android versions of RuneScape today, and almost immediately announced its servers would be slower than usual due to “a high volume of players downloading RuneScape on mobile devices.”

For a game celebrating its 20th anniversary, that’s got to be considered an achievement. Of course, players are probably a bit frustrated at the downtime, but Jagex is already investigating how to best solve the problem and get players logged in as soon as possible.

“Due to a high volume of players downloading RuneScape on mobile devices, we’re currently experiencing some issues that may be causing slow loading or problems logging in,” Jagex announced. “Our teams are investigating, so please try again in a little while.”

Even non-mobile players seem to be impacted by the influx of mobile users, as they all share the same servers. Of course, that’s led to no shortage of players searching for “RuneScape stuck on loading screen” or “Is RuneScape down,” unaware that the longstanding game has finally launched on a platform beyond PC. Once things get up and running again, those shared servers will let players continue playing their PC account on mobile devices, and vice versa – making it easy to knock out a bit of grinding while on the road.

For now, Jagex has a simple workaround for anyone impacted by the slowdown while it works on a permanent fix:

“To help tackle slow loading or problems when in-game during this period of heavy traffic, please wait for the cache to fully download on the Lobby Screen.”

Be sure to check out the official RuneScape Twitter account for detailed updates. While it might be frustrating to see these issues cropping up around launch, it’s no doubt a sign that RuneScape is just as popular as ever.

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