Ryan Reynolds Hosted A Green Lantern Watchalong, Confirmed "It Ain’t A Tragedy"

One thing is for sure, Ryan Reynolds doesn’t take himself too seriously. Just like the loyal superhero community, Reynolds can spot a bad film when he sees one – it’s just unfortunate that he was the lead in one of them.

Martin Campbell’s 2011 Green Lantern feature is considered one of the worst superhero films in existence – made when the comic book universe was in its infancy. Despite its diluted plot and forgettable action sequences, it did feature the meet-cute of Reynolds and his wife-to-be Blake Lively. Reynolds, of course, did the best he could with the material – effortlessly bringing his charisma to each scene – but that couldn’t save it from being shelved. Now, ten years later, Reynolds decided to host a watchalong of his superhero debut, asking fans for support on Twitter whilst he watched it for the first time.

After sharing an image of the film loaded on the computer screen – accompanied by a Green Lantern cocktail using his own Aviation Gin – the screening got underway. Reynolds live-tweeted through the entire feature, bringing his good humor along for the ride. The 44-year-old actor provided entertaining narration throughout – which should be an extra on the Blu-ray – including trivia about Peter Sarsgaard’s head, quips about the questionable CGI, and Taika Waititi even responded to a tweet admitting that he felt like a “3rd wheel” when Reynolds and Lively were in a scene together.

Reynolds’ response to watching the movie for the first time was positive, commenting that next time he won’t wait ten years to watch it. His main accolade was towards the A-list cast attached, including Angela Bassett, Geoffrey Rush, and Mark Strong. The actor also applauded the tremendous work done by the crew, and while he admitted that the film “wasn’t perfect”, he also said that “it ain’t a tragedy”.

In addition to celebrating the 5-year anniversary of Deadpool, Reynolds is also anticipating the release of his new film Free Guy. Telling the story of a self-aware NPC in a video game, Free Guy has received a new release date of May 21 after being delayed by the pandemic. The film also stars Taiki Waititi along with a handful of familiar faces from the video game community, including Pokimane and Jacksepticeye.

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