Sailing Era: 5 Combat Tips

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  • Avoid Getting Flanked
  • Don't Use Charge Unless You're Equipped
  • Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Space
  • Prepare Thoroughly For Close Combat
  • Try To Keep Your Firing Perpendicular

There's a lot of joy and excitement associated with being on the open waters in Sailing Era, but it's also very dangerous. Not only are the elements brutal, but there are also other sailors to contend with. Some of them may be competing against you in the market, but others just want to take your loot.

Pirates are a very real threat that can appear as quickly as they can strike. You may feel the urge to charge into battle, but there's just one problem — you yourself are not technically a pirate, so you may not have the same edge. Still, you're going to get into fights, and you need to be ready.

Avoid Getting Flanked

Even though you're fighting on boats, a lot of tactics that apply on land apply out on the water. As such, when pirates lock on to you, they'll have a tendency to surround you. They will sail in large circles in an attempt to flank you on multiple sides and synchronize their fire.

To avoid this, sail straight past them and circle back on the outside of the farthest ship. In groups of three, two ships will usually stay together while another tries to cut you off. Once you're behind the loner, take it out quickly, before picking off the duo that is lined up with them. If you can manage to sail between them, it can really disorient their sailing.

Don't Use Charge Unless You're Equipped

There are many different upgrades you can get for your ship, and guns come first. You can outfit your ships with guns on all sides, both ones that fire and others that auto-fire. The range is a nice touch, but always prioritize damage first. Generally speaking, guns with higher damage tend to have a shorter range but will put your ship at risk.

If you're going to go this route, your ship hull should compensate. Have an arrangement of close-range cannons with a reinforced hull if you're looking for stronger accurate shots while also being prepared to receive counter-attacks. However, this can be expensive early on, so stick to a long-range and faster build for a more drawn-out but less risky battle.

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Space

The key ingredient to any sort of fighting is making sure that you have options. While getting close and personal may limit the enemy's options, it also limits your own. As you play through Sailing Era, you'll see how this also applies to ships. Keep in mind that the bulkier your ship, the slower you'll be. Don't invest money into making a sturdy ship just for safety as it's always better to have speed on your side for greater adaptability.

Your guns have a very defined attack range and most will be completely neutralized the closer you get. When engaging in a seafaring battle, ensure that you have plenty of space to maneuver, so you can alternate between defensive and offensive positions. If you have a slow but tough ship, stick to one of the enemy ships to lay into them and draw the other to you.

Prepare Thoroughly For Close Combat

It would be a mistake to have a game that promises pirate combat without the chance to have swashbuckling battles on a personal level. Now while your crew members are mainly tailored to maintenance and navigation, they are also trained to throw down if need be. Still, your crew is only as strong as their stats, so make sure to level them up frequently when you're docked. Also, be sure to visit the item shop for new weapons and gear to raise their odds.

By making contact with an enemy ship, you can trigger a boarding battle, where your crew members will fight the pirates. The problem is that you have little influence on how it goes, and the loser will suffer a hit to morale. If your morale is too low going into battle, flee immediately or keep your distance since on loss in close combat will force you to surrender.

Try To Keep Your Firing Perpendicular

There's a variety of guns that you can put on your ship that all have different ranges, types of damage, and angles. Due to where the guns will be placed, it'll become clear that there's a reliable way to arrange your ship. The sides will host the most guns and will let you fire multiple shots at once for a devastating barrage.

However, this means that the pirates will try to do the same, so they can destroy you. The best way to minimize damage input and maximize damage output is to line up the side of your ship with the front of enemy ships. Just make sure to move fast enough, so they don't make contact with you. Now, there's an alternative if you're fast enough, and that's chasing ships and firing into their sterns with your front cannons. This lets you attack them without making yourself vulnerable to a counter-attack.

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