Saints Row: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

When it comes to open-world games, it isn't just about the story. Yes, the main narrative is important, but the map also needs to contain plenty of other things to do, or else there's no reason for it. How much optional content a game has becomes abundantly clear when there aren't any main missions left.

This moment doesn't take long to arrive in the Saints Row reboot, as it doesn't have the longest main narrative. In fact, according to HowLongToBeat, it's shorter than the average entry in the SR series. But what is there to do in Santo Ileso after the credits roll?

10 Play The Wanted Jobs

You get given the Wanted app early into the game. And you can use it to go on a slew of assassination missions. You get a set of them at the start of the story then you receive more after completing the Donut Run mission.

If you've got some left after the credits, they're worth doing. After all, they're quick, enjoyable, and earn you a decent amount of money for each one. You even get an achievement or trophy for completing them all.

9 Replay The Game On A Harder Difficulty

On the default Entrepreneur difficulty, Saints Row doesn't present an incredible challenge. It's certainly more tricky than Saints Row 4, which is ridiculously simple due to how overpowered you are. Still, the reboot doesn't give you a Dark Souls-like experience on the regular setting.

However, if you fancy a sterner test, perhaps you can try replaying the game on a higher difficulty, such as Sensei or Boss. They will certainly be very challenging for the average player.

8 Play The Side Hustles

There are several types of side hustles in the game from Riding Shotgun to Pony Express. Each one feels very different from the rest, so it's worth trying each of them out if you haven't already. After all, you might find one you really enjoy.

Plus, you can get rewards for each one. In fact, you can get pretty substantial rewards sometimes, whether it's a hefty financial prize or an item. For instance, you can unlock the very powerful MDI-85 Carbine rifle by doing the Choplifting hustle in the Rojos Desert North region.

7 Buy Every Venture

It takes a lot of money to acquire every criminal venture in the game. So, there is probably a bunch of spots left on your Empire Table after the credits roll. If you truly want the Saints to run Santo Ileso, you better fill them up.

Not only will this play to the completionist within you – if there is one – but you also unlock several new venture quests in the process. And depending on which you already have, you may be currently missing out on some fun ones.

6 Complete Challenges

Perks are passive abilities that can improve your protagonist in various ways. Yet, not every perk is a winner, so you'll want as big of a selection to choose from as possible. To build up your collection, you must complete challenges.

Therefore, head over to the second tab on the missions' app and look at what they want you to do. There are a range of challenges for you to complete, which task you with doing all sorts of things.

5 Find The Collectibles And Customize Your Base

As with pretty much any open-world game, Saints Row has an abundance of collectibles. You don't actually pick them up. Instead, you take photographs of things, which makes them somehow belong to you – the Boss questions the logic of it all.

Whether it makes sense or not, it does allow you to acquire large items and landmarks. And you can use them to decorate the Saints church by placing them in the various indicated spots. Therefore, you're able to be a completionist and an interior designer at the same time.

4 Earn Achievements Or Trophies

While playing through the story, you're likely to pick up a fair few achievements or trophies. However, it's virtually impossible to earn them all. Thankfully, though, you can acquire most of them while free-roaming.

There are some time-consuming ones, but there aren't any that would be considered among the hardest achievements or trophies ever. Instead, there are ones for buying an item at every store, fully upgrading a weapon, completing challenges, and other things like that. If you care about your gamerscore or trophy haul, they may be worth doing.

3 Complete Any Leftover Missions

Not every mission in the game is vital to the story. There are several that you don't have to complete to reach the credits. So, have a peek at your mission list to see if there are any that you've not completed yet.

They're all worth doing, eventually, as most provide an enjoyable experience. Plus, while several may not directly impact the main tale, they contribute to the overall story about the Saints establishing themselves in Santo Ileso and creating a criminal empire.

2 Complete Ventures

One of the most time-consuming tasks in the game is to take over Santo Ileso by completing every venture. To complete them, you have to do all the venture quests for each business.

This means doing every Insurance Fraud, every Toxic Waste Disposal, every Alpha Test, and so on. If you want to add many hours to your overall playtime, attempting to achieve this is the way to do it. It sounds tiring, but you may have some fun in the process.

1 Build The Skyscraper

Once the credits are over, you may notice that you've still got a notification on the mission app. This is because you now have the Let's Build A Skyscraper mission, which you can select once you've completed all the other missions and every venture. Therefore, you certainly won't be able to do it straight away.

When you meet the requirements, though, you can literally take the Saints to the next level by creating a skyscraper for the gang. It serves as a physical reminder that they're above every other gang in Santo Ileso.

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